My First Watercolor

My first watercolor 040115

I’m being extremely brave and sharing my very first drawn-from-scratch watercolor project with all of you.

Oh Dear…. Please be gentle!  You don’t know how many times I wanted to redo this and and pretend a retry was my first….

I know this is so very far from being anything worth sharing, but I wanted to post it to hopefully look back on a year from now and see that I have grown and developed.

This blog project has been a way for me to express the things I am discovering and enjoying at “life in between.”  As I started with stamping and card-making, my desire to express my creativity a bit more led to watercolor on cards with stamps (which I still love to do), but I was itching to try a watercolor from scratch – and I have NEVER been good at free-hand drawing!

So, of course I did what we all do now to learn a new skill, I searched for a tutorial on YouTube.

I came across a phenomenal “teacher” via tutorial at TheFrugalCrafter where Lindsay demonstrated how to paint a sweet pea bud.

I know – I know…. you were all thinking this was an eggplant or maybe a wilted purple rose – right?!  🙂

So it didn’t turn out to be a sweet pea bud per se, but hey – it’s a start.


It was FUN!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

Cheers & Hugs,


51 thoughts on “My First Watercolor

  1. This is your very first watercolor?! I think it’s terrific! It’s a closeup, much like many of your photos! It’s beautiful, Jodi, I think you’ve made a terrific start with this!!! Are you using the Strathmore watercolor cards Lindsay recommends, or something different? M Graham paint? You mixed the colors yourself?! I think this is terrific. You’re on your way, ‘nista!!


    • Oh Laura – I can’t wait to get better. I so totally over-worked it. I actually used Movlin Papier Arches 100% cotton 140 lb watercolor paper and this piece is cut to 5×7. The paint I used is Sakura Koi Watercolors. Any advise on best papers, paint, supplies? Even pencils? I just used an Office Max #2 Pencil 🙂


      • I use a 2H or 3H pencil, because it leaves a lighter mark, but some people say the #2 is better, because it’s easier to erase. I’d rather erase a lighter mark than something darker. If the paint’s pretty dark though, no one will really see the pencil marks, I don’t think. You’re using a high quality paper. I don’t know much about those watercolors. Are they pan colors, or tube paint that you have to mix your color with? You’ve already got some experience with watercolor from making your cards. You’ll probably have a much faster ramp-up time than I did/will. I’m not satisfied really with anything I’ve ever done in watercolor, except a few of the abstracts. I think it’s a process that takes time, and if you decide to enjoy the process, it’ll be easier on you. (I still haven’t got there yet!) I really think you’ve made an excellent start. Watercolor is really hard, particularly if you set out with an end image in mind. I find it’s better to set out with a “here goes nothing” thought and see what develops, because it pretty much never turns out the way I thought it would. This used to really bum me out until I just accepted it.

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      • I once tried watercolors but found I revise too much, I wrote an essay on my short career as an artist, titled The Wrong End of the Pencil Here is the gist of it.

        One day while we were working, he [my brother the artist] said, “I know your problem.”

        “What?” I asked.

        “You use the wrong end of the pencil.”

        He was right. I would rub the erasers off an entire pack of pencils before I dulled my first point. Sometimes, I was so overwhelmed by the urge to revise that I applied the eraser to a blank page.

        “Maybe you should start with carbon paper,” he joked, “and work back from there.”

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  2. I’m sure my first attempt at watercolour wasn’t as good as this. It will be interesting to see how far you’ve come at the end of one year. My first watercolour teacher always tried to get me to ‘loosen’ up. One day I decided to create a landscape painting in 20 minutes. I loved it and my teacher said ‘you finally understand watercolour’. I’ve never forgotten that lesson.

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  3. It looks great Jodi! I will say that as a professional artist I have found the most difficult medium to work with is watercolor, it is the least forgiving~ I was surprised to hear this was your first attempt because of the cards I have seen you make I already thought you were very comfortable with this medium. I have no doubt you will master it in no time. My best advice is to do one quick sketch everyday, on scrap paper, to gain confidence and loosen up, even repainting the same subject over and over. You will be amazed! Have a wonderful Easter, I hope it’s warming up where you are~

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    • Oh thank you thank you – I knew kind talented folks like you would come through and offer tips and advice. I love it! Thank you so much for the kind tips! I have just dabbled in watercolor backgrounds on my cards, but never tried to draw anything – which I am not good at – but am going to keep trying!

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    • I agree, sounds like great advice, Jenna, and I may try it as well. I wonder when you say sketch, do you mean with a pencil or with watercolor? (I’m very new to this, no clue if people use sketch to apply to paintings too, or just drawings.)


    • Awh! Barbara! My first real blogger connection and ongoing source of encouragement and inspiration! You are so good to me! Thank you for your kindness. Hey – it’s almost spring – hope R is getting that plan warmed up for a trip to Mars!!!!!

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  4. Jodi, I’m not lying or pulling your leg,. I LOVE IT! I am very very serious! I love your painting! Do not feel bad about it at all, because it is really beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing more of your paiintings!

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  5. Jodi, you created a lovely piece of art! I love the colors and your technique. I would be terrified to paint from scratch or draw something. My artistic talent (if any) is limited to 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ with stamps being my paintbrush. I am so proud of you…this is really pretty- I would never think it was your first one! You have inspired me to think of others avenues I may have overlooked in my creative journey. Thanks for sharing your “life in between.” XOXO

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    • Oh Cindy – it is so not good – but thank you – and if I inspired you to stretch out of your comfort zone, then that makes me happy – as that is what I am trying to do! 🙂 It is fun – do it! We have to try hard not to master it or be perfect at first – but just go for it – and grow from it! Thanks for visiting and sharing such a sweet comment. You, like me a bit, are too hard on yourself. YOU are very creative! In so many ways, and if you let your huge warm heart guide you, you will ROCK the WORLD! xo


  6. I love it Jodi. It’s so free and colourful. Sometimes I find with painting the more you just go with it and not try to be perfect, the better the painting. Yours is fantastic.

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  7. Jodi, how courageous to share your first watercolor. And such bold, beautiful colors! Proof you are committed to the art. I was thinking how difficult that technique, however, you already have talent, so why not! Just fits with your overall creative mind & interests. Look forward to more! Christine

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  8. Trust me your first attempt far outshines what mine would be! 🙂 I applaud you for trying to learn something new, being bold. Good luck to you, can’t wait to see more. I love the purple color and think its great! Thanks for sharing it!


  9. As some of the previous comments say, these colors are just wonderful. The pistachio green and magenta make an irresistible combination. I can only say I like it, be it a pea bud or whatever 😉


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