Discovering the FUN in Art

watercolor 2 tulip 040415

Can you tell what it is?

This is Watercolor #2 on my journey to learn watercolor painting.

So I have to admit……   I found myself struggling to post this….  Not feeling it is good enough…..  Starting to take this “art” business much much much too serious!  And then one of my sweet bloggie friends, Laura at CreateArtEveryDay, inquired about how my painting was coming.  I told her I was struggling with whether to post or not… what everyone would think…. not wanting people to feel obligated to “Like” or comment….  Wondering if it was “better” than my first  (hubby said yes – son said he liked first better…) Oiy Vay!  Then I worried – Does anyone care about my “art?”  Will they stop visiting my blog if I share less than lovely art work?  Sheesh!

Then wise, sweet Laura encouraged me.  She said (and she gave me permission to share):

If I let those feelings stop me, my blog would be private. I think the point here is encouragement and support and FUN, not perfection. I’ve done all of that second-guessing, but part of making something every day is really forcing me to not worry about what anyone thinks and just post it. Your first flower was really good, I thought. You definitely have talent. It just takes lots of practice to be happy with watercolor paintings (in my experience) and I’m still not there yet. I’ve come to the point that it’s about fun. FUN. And Relaxation. And DE-stressing. Forget everything else. If you painted it and you enjoyed it, that’s all that counts. Your followers love you and they want to share in your experiences and experimentation. At least, that’s how I see it. Otherwise, I’d post nothing, ever.

It’s all about fun. I just want to see you have fun with whatever you do. No one would expect to sit down at the piano and play Beethoven, but people put such high standards on their artwork. (I’m preaching to myself too, believe me.) But for me, this is about growth and happiness and relaxation and healing, more than anything else. So I just can’t take it seriously. I won’t. And I really hope you don’t either. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. I really hope you fly and just set yourself free, Jodi! 🙂

How lovely is that?!

Thank you, Laura!

And then I remembered WHY I started this blog…. not for “likes” (though I certainly LOVE your LIKES!)….

Not to “prove” anything….

It is a hobby…. It is my space to share the stuff I love to do at life in between!

So I’m posting it – and you know what?  It was FUN to do!  Fun to watch water and paint create something on paper.

Gallery worthy?  No!

Fun?  Yes 🙂

So last week for my first watercolor, I drew the flower with a pencil first.  For this one, I just “drew” the basic shape with water and paintbrush.  This was another tutorial by Lindsay at The Frugal Crafter.  Lindsay makes it look so simple!  She just whips these up in about 5 or 10 minutes while chatting away and being funny and relaxed and silly.

Wonder if I’ll ever be able to get so free and loose and relaxed while doing this?   I’m a bit “heavy handed” with the paint.   I want to just touch the paper with the brush and watch it “move.”   This watercolor stuff is HARDER than it looks!  (FUN Jodi – FUN!)     I have a new appreciation for some of the talented artists I know that do this now!

Thanks for sharing the journey with me my friends!

Cheers & Hugs,


P.S.  Hope you’ll visit Laura’s blog too – she shares a fun new creative experiment every day @ CreateArtEveryday

59 thoughts on “Discovering the FUN in Art

  1. I love your new project. I’ve thought about taking up a form of painting in my spare time myself and attempting to sell it on Etsy. Art is such a personal vision for everyone, you really can find something to please anyone. I’m far from artistic as in the “classical” form but art is what you make it. I’d like to re-affirm what you said in this post too, I love the attention (little as it may be) my blog gets but above all else I blog because I enjoy it, I keep it for my records and like to share experiences. Keep it up xxx

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    • Go for it Becky! Let’s share in the fun! Just paint something – anything – feel it from the heart and soul – let it free you – and most of all ENJOY it and have fun! If I can help spread the “bug,” it would bring me such joy! I’ll be watching for your post 🙂

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  2. Oh girl, you ARE flying! Holy heck, it is so much fun to watch you progress!! Wow!! I love it!! But what’s more important is I love the freedom I’m seeing here. Nothing beats freedom. Nothing!! Woooot! Awesome! She flies! I’m so glad to have encouraged you as Lindsay encouraged me. And look at you, encouraging others with your beautiful artwork. Shine, girl! I’m so glad I found you here. Enjoy it! 👏💜👍😊

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    • And you are the wind beneath my wings! Would that be a great record for JO to do. One of my fave songs/movies – and my BFF’s and my “song” LOL! Anyway – can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support! xx

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  3. That is lovely Jodi! I understand that we are more critical of our own work than people are. I still need to share my drawings but still afraid to. Your painting is excellent for a beginner. At least you have the courage to paint, I don’t. Have fun while you learn to paint (I have always heard that watercolor is the hardest medium to paint with). You go girl! I’m cheering for you. Hugs!! xoxo

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  4. Definitely don’t stop sharing your art with us! I enjoy seeing it!! Love what your friend wrote to you, what Great advice!! There are times, like last night where I question about posting something and than I just do it, for yup this blog was created for a de-stressor for me and me to share what I want regardless of number of likes. Of course we all like likes tho, LOL! Anyway you are right, have FUN with it, that is what is important! Not becoming overly worried what people may think. When I come to visit I expect to see your paintings framed up on the wall 🙂

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    • Thanks JR – I so agree – what great encouragement Laura’s advice was – eh? Take it and make it your mantra too! Your HEART is in every post you write and that is what matters and makes it special to all of us – regardless of content. xx


  5. I completely and totally agree with your friend Laura. I was in a vocation in high school for two years called Commercial Art where we did a segment on watercolor, I went to art school where I had a class on watercolor, I took a separate watercolor class at the museum years after art school and watercolor remains challenging for me. Which is only to say that after 30 years of experimenting, I still enjoy playing with watercolor. I think art can be a very existential thing. The real beauty (for me) is in the time spent “making”, not always in the finished product. And having said all of that, your red tulips are truly lovely.

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    • Oh Sylvia – will you share some of your artwork? I just knew you were an artist too among your photography and writing talents! Thank you for taking the time to write and share my friend! And oh by the way – Wolf’s photos….. Man – that kid has TALENT! I adore his instagram! Learning from him too. Please let him know 🙂 xx

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  6. I love art Jodi. Your flower looks vibrant and alive to me. Remember art is very subjective, and while some may not like the art we do, they’ll always be those who do. So I say; keep wetting your brush and slap that paint up there, you’re on the right canvas.

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    • Too busy gardening and creating beauty there! And who knows, the bug could bite you at any time – if you are anything like me – fickle about trying different things at different stages of my life 🙂


  7. YAY! You posted your flower! And a lovely watercolor Tulip it is! My motto is throw out the rule book and just experiment! Splash that paint around and yes! have FUN! So glad you did! 😊🌈🎨

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  8. I know exactly what you were going through. Don’t let that perfectionism get in the way of the beauty you created. I would much rather see a person share a creative project that they may have struggled with vs something that was too easy. The creative process can be a learning process, not only in the technique but in ourselves as well. It brings honesty to your work when you can admit to the challenges, it makes it easier to relate. Thank you for sharing your work.

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