Papa Cardinal in Watercolor

watercolor cardinal

I had fun painting Papa Cardinal in watercolor this week in celebration of my Three Month Watercoloriversary(How do you like that made up word?!)

It’s been three months since I first ventured into the world of watercolor and shared my very first watercolor on April 4, 2015.

I think I am making some improvements, and I KNOW I still have a long way to go, but oh what a fun journey it is.  I’ve been trying to paint at least one thing a week.

Thanks to Laura @ CreateArtEveryday for initially nudging me out of the nest and encouraging me every day to continue, and thanks to all the other great artistic bloggers and family and friends who have really encouraged and supported me.  This is something three and half months ago I wouldn’t have even ventured at.  I would have told you I could barely draw a stick figure.

papa cardinalI used this photo of Papa Cardinal at the feeder in our backyard as my pose of choice to roughly draw the shape.  I then took LOTS of artistic license in creating an artsy version of him.    Because – hey – if I wanted him to look exactly like the photo – what’s the point?  Just take the photo – right?  (or maybe that’s my excuse…)  I put him on a branch instead of the feeder, because the feeder totally detracts from his handsomeness.  And then I spiked his hair a bit too to spiff him up.

We have several cardinal families hanging out here in our backyard here in Mars.  Maybe I’ll venture to draw Momma or Baby soon.  Baby is pretty grown up and there are other new kids now too.

Oh what a bird nerd I have become!  Thanks for visiting, and happy weekend – enjoy doing things you love with those you love – at life in between!

Cheers & Hugs,


48 thoughts on “Papa Cardinal in Watercolor

  1. Beautiful! Oh, I so enjoy your watercolors. You are so free and your colors have such pizzazz! I love the way you didn’t depend too much on your reference also. That’s the sign of a real artist (IMO)! Change it up and make it your own. Boy, I’m so glad you decided to venture into the art world. You were already there with your photography and your cooking, but man….it really is a fun journey, and it’s so cool to be paddling along this mighty river with you, my friend! You’re definitely improving, and you will continue to do so. Really looking of war to what you create next! Have a wonderful weekend, Jodi! 💜💛💜

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  2. It’s beautiful! Cardinals don’t live here so I think you’re very blessed to have them where you are. Someday I hope to see one, and I hope I make a good image of it too. I’ll use the image for memories, and reference material if I ever try to draw/paint one myself.

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  3. That cardinal is gorgeous…in the photo, but even more so in your painting. I, too, am a bird nerd, and I’m sad that cardinals don’t live in my territory.

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  4. I love your stately Cardinal! I find watercolor to be a very challenging medium. I applaud your skill. We a have a cardinal that visits our yard too and I get stupid excited every time I spot him!!

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    • Thanks Nancy! It is challenging, but fun! I know what you mean about getting stupid excited – LOL! My son makes such fun of hubby and I fussing about the birds 🙂 – He’ll say ‘Look – there’s a bird – oooo wow – can you believe there’s a bird outside?!” haha!

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    • Ann – thank you – I am humbled that you would call me an artist – LOL! Hey – speaking of your STL Cardinals – sorry we had to beat you last night – Let’s Go Bucs! 🙂 teeheeheee! My son was at the game for a bachelor party day. Your boys gave us a run for our money!


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