Standing out in the Crowd

crocus white

I’ve spent too much of my life trying to be like the rest.
Trying to fit in
with the right look, the right clothes,
and the right way to be.

Trying to please the wrong people,
worrying what they would think
if I do my own thing
if I choose to be me.

I now choose each day
to stand tall and stand proud.
Embrace that I am me
And that is okay to be.

Like the crisp, clear white crocus
amidst bright yellows and rich purples.
Reaching and stretching…
and standing out in the crowd.

Mikey and I headed out for a lunchtime walk yesterday when the clouds cleared briefly on a gray, rainy day. I took my camera along intent on capturing a clump of purple crocuses that had caught my eye on a recent drive by a nearby church.  But once I got close, what stood out amongst the rest was this crisp, clean, pearly white one – so unique amongst the others.  And that is what inspired this “poem.” 

Thanks for indulging me.

Cheers & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “Standing out in the Crowd

  1. What a beautiful photo! I love how it has blackened the background making the flower stand out so beautifully. The poem was lovely Jodi! And you DO stand out! You stand out like a diamond among pearls. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Hugs!

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  2. I’ve just realised I’m kind of stalking you on the net ^^” Sorry if it’s a bit too much but I really like your entries and they always make me smile.

    Beautiful poem and beautiful picture – absolutely love the details. What camera do you have Jodi?

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    • Oh Cristina! Not at all – I am very flattered and you completely made my day!!! I ADORE your work and your style! I think you are a young, better me 🙂 as we have so many of the same passions! My camera is a Cannon Rebel. My first DSLR. How about you? You are an “official” professional photographer – right?!

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      • Uh no, not professional.. It’s a learning curve. Hopefully one day 🙂
        When I found your blog the first thing I thought was: she is me in the future! No kidding. I was so excited!! Although I felt a bit like Phoebe from Friends haha anyway… I am happy about this “connection”. You inspire me to pursue the good simple things in life.

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  3. Beautiful post!! I agree totally with you. I’ve actually never fit in because it was too hard to conform. So I gave up long ago. You’re a standout, in every great way!! I agree, I think it gets easier as we get older, because frankly my dear, it gets easier not to give a damn lol! Thanks for your beautiful photo and poem, as always. I’m glad you’re you!! Don’t change a dad-blasted thing, lady. 💜💛💜

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  4. There is something freeing about arriving at our age, isn’t there? Why does it take us so long to recognise that the best person we can be, is ourselves! Lovely post & gorgeous photo!

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  5. Jodi, your poem and photo proves it. You do stand out in a crowd. You’re a unique one of a kind. Always look forward to reading your posts (with added photos). Looks as if Spring has sprung in Mars! Christine


  6. Beautiful shot especially those drops of water. Very special. Ahhh the sweet beauty of nature if we just stop, take the time to observe and embrace the moment.

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