Watercolor Lazuli Bunting

lazuli bunting

I am a bit obsessed with watercolor lately…

My youngest son told my oldest son last week when he was over – “Paint, paint, paint – not so many cookies being baked around here – Mom’s too busy painting!”

Of course they were teasing – like they constantly do to me…  (I’ve come to realize it is their way of expressing their love – at least that is what I’ve convinced myself of to maintain sanity!)

But – I do become a bit obsessed with things… (and I am on vacation this week, so scheduled a few posts ahead)

So – when I recently posted my Papa Cardinal watercolor, a sweet blogger friend, Deborah @ CircadianReflections commented how lovely it was and how she wished cardinals were in her area of the world.

I asked Deborah what her favorite was.

When she commented it was a Lazuli Bunting….
I had no idea.
So I Googled,
and I feel in love with this precious little blue bird.

So here is my interpretation of this beautiful little bird that graces the West Coast of the United States…
but not Mars.

Hope it does a teensy bit of justice to this glorious creature.
Thanks for sharing with me Deborah!

Cheers & Hugs,

18 thoughts on “Watercolor Lazuli Bunting

  1. It’s so interesting to note that even from the beginning, you really have had a style all your own that has carried through even though your painting has improved to a totally different level.

    On another note, the money b-day cake was a TOTAL HIT this week as predicted!

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  2. ♥♥♥♥♥! Oh Jodi, he’s a beauty! It reminds me of the Male Lazuli Bunting I was able to photograph over several days last Spring (2014). I didn’t see him this past Spring. 😦

    Thank you for the mention, and it was my pleasure to share my favorite bird with you.


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