Don’t play with your vegetables

vegetable card radishes

Remember being told to not play with your vegetables as a child at the dinner table?

I’m still playing with my veggies – watercolor painting these days – just for kicks.

Aren’t the radishes radishing?!

Certainly not some of my finest art work, but fun nonetheless.

vegetable card green onions

I had some scraps of paper and the urge to continue after recently painting my Lazuli Bunting, but was obviously getting a bit tired and punchy by the time I got to the green onions and carrots.

vegetable card carrots

Maybe I should stick to cooking and eating my veggies.

Cheers & Hugs,


26 thoughts on “Don’t play with your vegetables

  1. JODI…someone asked why you painted the vegetables in threes. Odd numbers are always more interesting than even numbers. Keep up the good work. We love it all! Lois

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  2. I see a style of painting developing in all of your cards. It’s wonderful to see and that you are continuing to make cards with water colour is great because they are very beautiful. I especially liked the vegetables.

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