Before I Die…

Before I die I want to wall

Before I Die is a public art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in a public space.  Originally created by New Orleans artist Candy Chang in 2011 on an abandoned house in her neighborhood after losing someone she loved, the wall has been recreated by residents around the world.  Today there are over 350 walls in 60 countries and 25 languages.

The wall shown here, installed by Chang in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, Louisiana, celebrates the project in the city where it all began and is the first wall in New Orleans since the original abandoned house has become someone’s home again.

before I die I want to 2

I enjoyed pondering along this wall and reading the comments…  Some serious, some silly, but certainly makes you think.

before I die I want to 3

You can learn more about the project here.

How would you finish the sentence?

Before I die, I want to ___________________________________________________________.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Cheers & Hugs,

24 thoughts on “Before I Die…

    • I would love to be a grandma, as I answered to Ann Christina above, but if you read my response there, I also feel I have been very blessed already and have had a wonderful, full and happy life. But I do want more time if I can! 🙂

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  1. So glad you shared this with us. So many things in the world that are cool to see and know about and that is how I would answer the question 🙂 To travel more and see as much of the world as possible!


    • I would love the experience of being a grandma before I die, but otherwise I feel I have had such a full and good life (but at 52 I hope I get many more years 🙂 ) I love the way Lance answered “…be ready.” As a person who works in the hospice industry, that just struck me as so poignant.

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      • Yes, I also think it is. Maybe this is what everyone means actually by telling about other things. I think I would just feel really ready if I would have painted all my paintings, you would feel really ready when you would have got to know your grandchildren… But I think a great point of leading a happy life and being ready that way anytime is being grateful for what we have got until now. That´s what I can see in your answer and it´s beautiful! 🌞 (Btw, I admire you for working in hospice industry, I think that´s quite hard and very important work!!!)


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