connected storm drain NOLA

Sidewalk Storm Drain Grate, Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA

No beginning…

No end.

Infinitely intertwining the past, the present, and the future,

the physical and the spiritual…

all plants and animals and minerals.

Eternally merged…

Continuously connected.


I recently captured this close-up photo of a storm drain grate on a sidewalk in the Warehouse District of New Orleans.  It was beautiful!  So much lovely architecture and  structural elements in NOLA!  It reminded me of the Celtic Knot and the inter-connectivity it represents.  This week’s WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Connected’.  I had to share this photo.

Cheers & Hugs,

23 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Ths reminds me of the pattern in the sewer cover I took at the lake last year. It had a cherry seed on it and it made the crossing lines so interesting. I love this photo, Jodi! Isn’t it great to notice beauty in everyday things?! 💜 You are a natural at it! 🍂🍁🌿


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