Beyond the Boundaries

lake drive franklin pa


sometimes you have to break them.

Like yesterday…

Hubby and I went on a Sunday drive to Franklin, PA to the Annual Franklin AppleFest.

It was lovely….  crowded… lots of arts and crafts, food, antique and classic cars…

But the real treat of the day was on our ride home.

The road said, “No Outlet – Turn Around Here.”

Hubby knew better…
and we drove on…
beyond the boundaries.
And we came upon scenes like this.

Sometimes you have to break the boundaries.

Cheers & Hugs,

20 thoughts on “Beyond the Boundaries

  1. What a breathtaking picture! So glad your hubby didn’t obey the sign and the boundaries 🙂 And so glad you commented about this on my post for today! Somehow I had missed this post and when you said about writing about boundaries yesterday, I was like , No, it was about the drawings of your cookies and the lovely drawing of a elephant 🙂 Went back to your site and found this great post 🙂

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