The Fragility of Life

bird silhouette on window

Oh beautiful bird
please be careful.
The reflection you see is deceiving.
The imprint you leave so haunting.

This photo is of a window in our breakfast nook where a bird recently hit, but survived (as far as we know).

I often look at it – –  and see
what looks like
angel wings…
or a spirit…
a symbol of flight…
a symbol of freedom….
a reminder of
the fragility of life.


35 thoughts on “The Fragility of Life

  1. Hi Jodi! I hate to see this and even more, hate to hear it at my own home. I bought something a few years back that I wanted to share with you. I searched online and came across something so simple. I don’t have a link, a name, or the company but I think I can describe it well enough. It’s a simple piece of monofilament (clear fishing line) with feathers about 4-5 inches long spaced every 5 inches or so. It has two suction cups at both ends . You hang it on your window where your getting bird strikes and it prevents them from happening. I can tell you that it has prevented at least 95% of ours! The feathers move with the wind and it really works! I’ve had mine for years now. I do think your photo looks like angel wings. ; )

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    • Thanks for the information Kelly. I have considered looking into something, but pretty much the entire south facing side of our home is glass and we live “in the woods”, so it would be difficult to cover and we have tons of birds and wildlife around. Thankfully, not many have died hitting the glass – at least not that we have seen – though I have read that sometimes they fly off and later suffer from internal injuries or trauma 😦 It makes me sad when I hear them hit too. This mark left, though, was just so interesting. Hubby was the one who originally noticed and called my attention to it. Amazing how much detail. I really should wash it off. (I’m kinda terrible about washing windows!) 🙂


  2. True…the imprint is beautiful- a definite reminder of the fragility of life. This unfortunate thing happened with a fatal outcome on my daughter’s bathroom window on the third floor of our Pittsburgh condo that is unaccessible for me to clean. It does haunt me when I see it…your photo is amazing.

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  3. your poem partnered the image magnificently Jodi. I felt quite sad, I always do when some small creature gets hurt. I’ve gotten very soft as I’ve gotten older! Love the phrase – a reminder of the fragility of life. It bears a bit of contemplation on 🙂 Very touching post.

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