A”pear”antly Pears!

pears in watercolor

I am having so much fun loosening up and watercolor painting while learning online with Art Tutor. Β What a great way to learn and grow at your own pace with lots of great tutorials!

These pears are a practice in negative painting in watercolor that I did last weekend.

I lightly sketched two pears in pencil, loosely dropped some yellow and red in them, let dry, and then negatively painted in blue and red.

Trying to get my creative groove back – loosening up and having fun!

Cheers & Hugs,

43 thoughts on “A”pear”antly Pears!

  1. Jodi…

    I checked out Art Tudor’s info and am seriously considering joining. It looks amazing! How long have you been subscribing and do you feel your art is improving from the classes?

    Billie Moan Rambling Rose Studio

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