A Royal Flush


You know you are a  blogger when.………

your family bribes you with permission to use their photos if you will do them a favor.


Which is what happened a couple of weeks ago.


“Hey Mom, if we send you pictures and let you post them on your blog, will you paint us a set of Royal Flush t-shirts for Halloween costumes?” asked my youngest son, Nick (the King of Spades above) with his sweet Liz (the Queen) standing nervously beside him.

Trying to wait for at least a few seconds to pass before too eagerly blurting out…


Under breath – “YIPPEE!  Theme party ideas!  The kids still need me!  They are asking ME to help!  Painting!  Crafting!  Creating!”

Liz smiles sheepishly,  “Are you sure?”

Nick replies, “SEE!  I told you!  She loves this stuff.”


And the happy King and Queen partied on happily ever after.

And I’m pretty sure by the look on my son’s face in this one that this photo was likely taken well into the party!


And them.

And SSSSHHHHHH!  Don’t tell them….

but I would have done it even without the bribe!

Cheers & Hugs,

Thanks for letting me do it gang!
What are we doing next year?
Oh – – – I am so too eager….….

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