If we were having coffee…


If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking mine (Starbucks Breakfast Blend or Veranda with Italian Sweet Cream) from this “Warm and Cozy” mug.

You see – I just received it as a special “just because” surprise gift from my daughter-in-law this past weekend.  I came home from a day out to find this in our mailbox.

The mugimage was filled with Hot Cocoa K-cups and a little bag of mini marshmallows tied with gold and white baker’s twine.  It was in an adorablimagee chevron pencil bag and had some matching binder clips too.

A sweet note was attached to “Mom M.”

It melted my heart. So – needless to say, I would probably gush a bit about our sweet Colleen.

I would undoubtedly offer you some cookies or whatever I had baked this week to go with our coff411bSsOqlBLee.  Current batch of cookies in the house this week is Bittersweet Chocolate and Almond Chunk made from a Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Bittersweet Chocolate with Almond Candy Bar that hubby got as a gift recently (and I will be buying more of! O – M – G!)  I coarsely chopped the candy bar and stirred it into my classic chocolate chip cookie recipe and Voila!

We would either sit by a warm fire in the living room or at the kitchen table.  Charlie would be laying on the floor beside us, watching for crumbs or waiting patiently for belly rubs and chin scratches.

We might talk about the latest books we are reading.  I am reading “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory” by Caitlin Doughty.  It is a fascinating memoir of a twenty-something who got a job in a crematory after college.  She shares her experiences and how it actually eased her angst about death and dying and made her better able to appreciate and enjoy her own life.  I am only a few chapters in, but I am fascinated so far and somewhat perplexed by mixed reviews I’ve heard from others in our book club who are reading it.  Death is a topic I discuss daily in my full-time job in communications for a home health and hospice company, so it is not something I am as uncomfortable discussing as many.  As a matter of fact, there is a 100% guarantee death is something we are all going to face, so it is a subject worth discussion.

This might lead to us talking about hospice care and final wishes and experiences we’ve both had with losing special loved ones.  This would ultimately lead to me talking about my Grandma, Grandpap, my in-laws, my sister-in-law – all very special people I have lost, but have fond memories of to share.  We would surely laugh too, because they all brought such joy and fun to my life.

We might talk about what we did last weekend.  I would tell you what a fun time I had hiking around McConnell’s Mills with a sweet friend, about the awesome hot spiked cider we had afterwards at a local restaurant, and how we got recorded three times doing the “whip/nae nae” for a scavenger hunt while exploring a little gift shop after our hike.

royal flush spades halloween costume tshirtsI might show you the t-shirts I painted for my youngest son and his girlfriend and their friends who are going to be a “royal flush” for a Halloween party in Chicago.

I’d probably also tell you how proud I am of my oldest son, who had his first DJ gig this past weekend and how my younger son was there to help and support him.  I’d tell you it warmed my Momma’s heart to think about them that evening.

We might talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win this weekend and how we did it with our third string quarterback.  We’d probably also talk about the fact that we saw our first snow flurries in Mars this past weekend.

Then we might talk about plans for the upcoming weekends.  I might brag on my cousin Nikole Brugnoli-Sheaffer, Director of Innovation, Environmental Charter School, who is being honored as one of Pittsburgh’s 40 Under 40, a program to recognize 40 people under the age of 40 who are committed to shaping our Pittsburgh region and making it a better place for everyone to live, work and play.   I can’t wait to honor her at the upcoming event.

I would probably tell you I’m feeling sad that one of my besties is leaving soon to winter in Florida with her folks who she cares for full-time and how much I am going to miss her.

But I would tell you my other bestie is going to be a first-time grandma in a few months and how excited we all are!

Mostly though, I would want to ask you how you are.  How you really are…   What is going on in your life?  Are you taking time to enjoy doing the things you love “in between?”  Are you taking time to enjoy the people you love?   Are you “cherishing the moments?”

Hubby says I’m “nebby.”  (pouty face)

I contest I am just truly and genuinely interested in people.

As much as I love to talk, I adore listening.  I treasure hearing about people and what matters to them and what makes them tick.  Everyone has a story.  And I love hearing them.

We would surely cherish our time together, and we would undoubtedly hug.  It would be a real hug, and I might likely tell you “I love you” when you leave, because if we are having coffee in my house, there’s a good chance that IS how I feel.

I think I’ll go have another cup of coffee.  Hope you are enjoying some too. pumpkin cinnamon spice cookies And maybe a cookie…  (like this one?  Pumpkin Cinnamon Spice – which I will be featuring as a recipe here tomorrow!)

Or maybe you are having tea if that’s your thing?

And if it’s after 5….  maybe a glass of wine….. or two….

Cheers & Hugs,


66 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…

  1. OH what a wonderful way for me to start the day! This post made me feel so many warm fuzzies 🙂 I CANNOT WAIT for the day when we can share coffee together or maybe hot cocoa, you got me thirsty for that after that sweet gift from your daughter in law. What a nice surprise! Your heart comes out in this post and I know how much you really care about people and look forward to delight in sitting beside the fire with you! And definitely in getting to rub Charlie’s belly. Have a awesome day my friend as you cherish the moments!! ❤ and hugs!

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  2. Great post, Jodi. I felt as if I was having a cup of coffee with you even though I don’t drink coffee…:) Your warmth shines through in your words, as does your interest and caring in others. Even though I have book I’ve yet to get to, you’ve piqued my curiosity with this book you’ve mentioned. I’ll have to pick it up one day soon.
    Have a great day😀

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      • Too many, Jodi…:) But on top I have the Ken Follett trilogy beginning with Fall of Giants. I also have a book called Empty Mansions. My brother gave me one called Hitler’s Charisma because I’ve never understood how one deranged man can lead an entire nation into distorted truths and hideous acts. I also want to re-read The Shadow of The Wind which may be the most beautifully written book I’ve ever read. It reads more like poetry than prose. And now you’ve given me one that I’m curious about. The winter’s coming. I’m guessing I might have some time.😊 So many books, so little time.

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  3. What a lovely post Jodi. As I read it I felt myself slow down and melt into your words. I could picture all the faces of people you mention and all the warmth and love you have for them. Your book has also piqued my interest. I’m at that stage in life where I cherish every moment I have with my parents and Mother-in-law, and extended family. Thank you for such a thoughtful post.

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  4. Jodi, looks we have a lot in common. I’m headed to do a service today with one of my Tree’s of Life with the Palliative Care Department at UNC Hospital. I work closely with the Department of Pastoral Care and paint a lot of trees for the nurses to hang leaves on for patients they have lost. Unfortunately the trees fill up every year. For patients, families, and staff it is the process that is healing. For me, peace to paint a tree.

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  5. Jodi, I loved this post. I would really love sharing a cup of coffee with you, it sounds delightful. Before I came to live in Pittsburgh (so very long ago) I had no idea what “nebby” means. I had never heard that word in my life. But now I do know (curious) and it made me smile to see you use it. Thanks for this post this morning.

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  6. Jodi, I would love to have a cup of coffee with you! I have had two cups (1 over my limit, hot flashes). But for you, I’d have one more! Thanks for a warm and fuzzy post…in the midst of starting another day…this was a breathe of serene air! Thanks for sharing and slowing the pace. Yes death is a hard subject, but it also is inevitable. I lost some family this year and the latest is only a month ago. Very tender subject, but talking is also remembering and a another step going through the grieving process. We need to keep the great memories of our loved ones and tears are good. They are the rain in our soul. We can’t have rainbows without rain. Blessing to you for a comforting post today!


    • Awh thanks CM – my day gets hectic too, but I like to cherish those relaxing moments. My heartfelt sympathy for your recent family losses. It is never easy. Allow yourself to grieve, and only time can soften the edges of that tenderness. You are so right that we cannot have rainbows without the rain. Thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt comment.


  7. Thank you my sweet friend for your post today! ❤️ I’m sitting here drinking a cup of hot tea that has a hint of chocolate in it. Really could use one of your cookies to go with it! LOL! 😊 I wish I could enjoy a cup of coffee with you in person… Maybe some day! Enjoyed hearing about you and all your activities. Enjoy your day! Hugs! 💖🎨😊

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  8. One of my favorite morning “activities” is picking out my mug for my morning coffee. It helps me get out of bed in the morning and I literally look forward to it. I’m loving that mug you have! Wishing I had one of your cookies, too. 🙂

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  9. Jodi, what an adorable post!!! I am a lot like you in how I feel about wanting to know about others’ stories, yet over time, I have found that many people back away not wanting to spill. So I have turned to Petals as my source of talking, as if you hadn’t noticed. (smile) I thank you for the mention of that book for I am going to buy it. Our family is dealing with a terminally ill parent, and most of my siblings are either in denial, or putting on a good show and NOT talking about how they are really feeling. Perhaps this book will give me ideas on how to approach the subject of death with my family as we all experience the inevitable regarding my mother. I never did say over at Petals how ill she is, but she is very ill. The surgery that turned into two, was a desperate move on my mother’s part to “buy” more time. I was against this surgery knowing full well how ill she is and IMO how this extremely risky surgery she may not ever fully recover from. Bless you for listening …. gee, I’m spilling to you. Please accept my story and embrace me with a hug. Sending you much Love for hearing my words. The coffee mug I drink out of was given to me as a gift from my mother that has cats on it. I think of her every morning as I drink my coffee with cinnamon, organic sugar (just a touch) and orange juice (I don’t like milk in my coffee) in it. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    • Oh Amy – Sending a hug and sorry to hear what you are going through. Not sure this book is the book for you and your family right now to deal with what you are going through. Here is a link to some resources I highly recommend though (for free to download) that may help you: http://www.celtichealthcare.com/hospice/palliative-care-journey-program/ The Journey GPS Guide is such a great tool for starting the conversation and having deep meaningful important conversations about what path we and our families choose for that journey towards end of life. It is a natural thing we must all go through and there are ways to make it better. If everyone is hanging on to last measures, a book that was very impactful to me was The Cost of Hope by Amanda Bennett and what she went through with her terminally ill husband. Another book I bought, but have not read yet, but I think will be good is Hospice Voices – Lessons for Living at the End of Life by Eric Lindner. You might want to look it up and see if it sounds good to you. I know the phrase “end of life” scares a lot of people, but we are all either there or heading there, so we must get comfortable talking about it and enjoying LIVING and LIFE even when it is at this end journey. Hope my babbling is making sense. Hugs and love!

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      • I am the one who mentioned Hospice from the very start of first hearing my mother’s condition and prognosis. My head was chopped off being told mom was the furthest thing from Hospice. And so this surgery was chosen over a peaceful and pain free existence. Like I said, family is in huge denial yet I will step in even being hundreds of miles away if I get one peep that mom is suffering. Jodi, my family is very dysfunctional and that is the reason why I have stayed away from most of them. I was determined and still am today to overcome what my childhood did to me, while many on the other hand, choose the victim or vampire (taker). There are all choices here, my friend, so I have made mine. When and I say when I go see my mother, I will sit down with her without the sis in charge, and really talk to her. I want her to be truly informed of what she deserves. I am going to look at the other books as well. Thank you, Jodi. Bless you for listening and for replying. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • I completely understand and can relate to so much you are saying. More than you can realize! And we are booth choosing better paths! 🙂
        Definitely download the free Journey GPS (Getting Plans Started) guide – even if only for yourself to think about. Tight hugs!

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      • I already did, Jodi. I plan on looking it over later today. I have more on my agenda to get finished, and when it is finally time to put me feet up, (smile), I shall do so with the GPS site. I really thank you SO much. Bless you for listening. *tears* This has been an excruitiating last couple of weeks along with loosing Molly and dealing with so many other cats who in their grief are exhiting exasperated symptoms of their health issues. I have to keep remind me to unclench my jaw (open mouth wide to stretch it) and to breathe. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I know we will Charlie O. and thanks for the sweet comment. And hey – Nick and his girlfriend bribed me – haha – they asked, “Would you paint us some t-shirts for halloween costumes?…. We’ll let you post it on your blog!” Of course I would have done it either way – but they are so funny – they read my blog too. 🙂

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  10. I love your “if we were having coffee” posts because they are so honest and optimistic at the same time, and that’s not always an easy thing to combine! Thanks for the book recommendation, too. I’m going to check into that one!

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  11. Wow the cookies sound yummy, have to look into that chocolate bar! the book sounds interesting not sure how I would feel about it. But as you said something we will all face at some time. What a sweet gift from your daughter in law. I would love a cup of coffee in a mug like that! you are a sweet and lovely lady and I would hug you back! Thanks!


  12. Just catching up on your week after a hectic week of my own! Would love to hear more about being recorded doing the nae nae! What a riot! Love love your blog, cards (which is what led me here in the first place long long ago), photos and your recipes! Your daughter-in-love is a darling. Loved having coffee with you!

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