Autumn’s Final Act

Autumns final act

Dancing in the Autumn sunlight
amidst coffee-colored trunks and wispy branches
with marshmallow fluff and smoky gray clouds floating
in an azure blue sky
above a carpet of fading green grass…

A few bright leaves hang on to life
in bold and brilliant bursts
of crimson and honey and marmalade.

Autumn’s Final Act.

Cheers & Hugs,


Photo taken 11/21/15 from my front porch (my blog cover photo) of the weeping cherry tree that has the only leaves left in the front yard.  

42 thoughts on “Autumn’s Final Act

  1. Fall colors are so dramatic and beautiful. There is a sadness when they fall to the ground and reveal the skeletons of the trees and bushes. But it is through our sadness over the onset of winter that we realize such is the circle of life. Very pretty picture Jodi!

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