Happy Tulips in a Jar

Original Watercolor 9x12 matted to 11x14 impressionistic tulips in jar

This past weekend, I found a little time to splash in some paint, and I recreated an original watercolor of tulips in a jar.  Tulips lend so well to impressionistic, loose painting.  I adore tulips, and I adore painting this way.

I say “re-created,” because I recently sold a similar original painting in our Etsy Shop.

The funny thing was… when I painted it, I sort of liked it, but was hesitant to share it.  I had it tucked away for a few weeks.  Then last week, the little cash register dinged on my phone alerting me it had sold.  When I dug it out to ship, I looked at it again and really liked it.  I remembered how much fun I had painting it, and I longed to do it again.

So this is the latest version.  It is its own original.  The painting is 9×12, and I stuck a little white mat around it just to see what it would look like.

I kinda like it, and it’s kinda fun to say that.  🙂

Cheers & Hugs,

This painting is now available at McKinneyx2Designs

92 thoughts on “Happy Tulips in a Jar

  1. I love this painting! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Someday I want to learn to paint “loose” watercolor. I’m still learning basic techniques, so that’s off in the future. I dream of the day when I can create something like you’ve made.

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    • What a sweet compliment! Thank you! You’ve made my day, but I am just a very beginner myself. This month it has been one year since I first picked up a brush to paint. I try not to let a week pass without painting something. 🙂 I enjoy it so very much.

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      • Next month I’ll be celebrating my first “anniversary” of the decision to learn to draw. I didn’t attempt watercolor until probably February or March of this year. Feel free to share any tips or offer any advice at any time.

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  2. Oh I love your cheer and honesty, loved your last line. “I kinda like it and its kinda fun to say that.” 🙂 You always make me smile! You should like it, I love tulips and love this. It did make me feel happy! Thanks!

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  3. I love it Jod!! Glad you recreated it and that you had the chance to splash on the paint!!! Looking forward to getting up north in a couple weeks. And seeing some stuff first hand!!! Happy Anniversary..late😬😘

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  4. It’s beautiful Jodi! I like it with the matte board around it. What’s funny is I was at Michael’s yesterday and I picked up some matte boards to see how my bird watercolors would look matted.
    I must be channeling you and Alan Owen. I always love how your’s and his paintings look when you put on the matte board.

    Congratulations on the sale! I hope it’s the first of many, many more!

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    • Thanks Deborah – it really does make a difference – eh? And guess what – that wasn’t even my first sale – just the first I talked about here. How awesome is that??!! 🙂 I actually have a simple mat cutter and can cut my own. not very expensive and you can make it any size to fit your paintings 🙂

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  5. YAY Jodi! So happy you like your painting!! 😍🌟🎨👍 It is sooo gorgeous!! I love your tulips and how you painted your vase. You also have an amazing eye for color, my friend! WAHOOOO!! 🌟🌟🌟

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  6. That is really beautiful Jodi and I love the splash. I like the mat around it, I would love to see different colored mats, I bet each color would give the painting a whole new look! You are so talented!! 🙂

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  7. Woow this so incredible Jodi ! What a gorgeous painting with such a loose style👍🏼 would love to see many more in loose style 💕😍 friend you are awesome! Well done!

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