Very Variegated Violet

Purple violet watercolor tulips

Who knew shades of violet could vary so greatly?!

Before we went away on vacation last week, I had some fun playing with purple in this super loose vase of violet tulips.   I have done tulips in shades of reds and oranges  in this style, but was excited to try purple.

I decided to mix Winsor Violet (WN*) and Quinacridone Violet (MG**) – two VERY different violets –  and touch in some Quinacridone Gold (WN), because I always so love how it moves!

I used Green Gold (WN) for the foliage and a touch of Cobalt Teal (MG) for drama.  I shook it, and I splashed on it.

This large 10 x 13 in. painting is done on 300 lb. Arches Cold Press Paper.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it when I finished it, so I just set it aside.

I don’t know whether it is the “curing” of the paint or the “stepping away” that changes a painting so often, but…. when I came home after a week away and looked at it again, I decided I rather liked it.

It’s loose.

It’s kind of wild.

It’s unique and distinctive and venturesome.

It’s Very Variegated Violet!

Cheers & Hugs,

*WN – Winsor Newton Professional Grade Watercolor Paint
**MG – M. Graham Watercolor Paint

53 thoughts on “Very Variegated Violet

  1. I like the very variegated violets! I haven’t had much luck yet mixing violets on my palette. I wish I could do paintings like this…more loose, more venturesome. I have been playing around, and I have fun dabbing colors everywhere. I just don’t dab them very artistically LOL. As always your painting is inspiring me to go have a little watercolor fun of my own.

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  2. Good morning Jodi. There are so many reasons why I love your painting…the delicious colors, the translucent overlapping of color, the subject matter, the freedom in which you painted, and the joy I receive from looking at your beautiful art. Thank you for posting today! Bravo!


  3. Love the colors and the boldness of your strokes, Jodi. Isn’t it interesting how it looks after some time away?! Everything changes in the art world. We never know what to expect. Particularly with watercolor! I also like the way you combined the warm and cool shades together. I think that makes for yes and happy-ness! I like that you’re trying this in different colors. And working so large! I don’t know how you do it. 💜

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  4. Splash, drip, yummy violet….I love it! at first when I saw this painting it looked like it was dripping and disappearing after being sprayed by a strong stream of water, a strong sense of movement. Now looking at it for a few minutes, I don’t see that movement but the beauty of the image. I have been thinking that I need to start painting larger after painting a certain size, growing with confidence. How did you like working larger? beautiful job, Jodi!

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  5. I think this may look nice on my new purple kitchen wall! Love you! Back in Michigan as of 2:00 am. My dads defibrillator went off a couple times tonight. Ugh. Trying to wind down to sleep. Love you! So glad you had a wonderful vacation.

    Pam Griffith


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