52 thoughts on “Just Bloom

  1. I really enjoy your web site! From the gorgeous cards, the beautiful pictures with your poetry is so peaceful and restful for me. I really relax and just live in the moment. The article on New Orleans last year was sooo.interesting! My husband and I took a long weekend trip to New Orleans the weekend of Katrina and almost didn’t get out!! We aren’t seasoned travelers, but we made it out to Houston, then Las Vegas and arrived home safely in Apple Valley, CA. I had dreamed of a honeymoon in New Orleans since I was small, but we made it there to see the Wheel of Fortune.

    Thank goods we made it. Thanks again for such a lovely site.

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    • Wow – thank you so much Marsha for taking the time to write and share this comment that made my day. To know I am touching a life in a small way or resonating with someone motivates me to continue.
      How scary that you were in New Orleans during Katrina!
      I hope you get to go back and enjoy. It really is an amazing place.
      Thank YOU again for your lovely words!


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