Old-Fashioned Dutch Apple Pie

dutch apple pie slice alamode

One of my favorite things to bake (besides cookies) is pie.  And what is more “all-American” for summer holidays and celebrations than apple pie?  Not sure why it is considered so “American” really – that is just what “they say.”  (Actually there are many theories…  which you can certainly feel free to Google, but let’s talk about baking and eating this amazingly yummy dessert!)

dutch apple pie cut

I made it this weekend to take to a party celebrating the Memorial Day holiday, family get-together, and birthday treat for my BFF, Jill.

When I make a pie to take somewhere, I almost always make a second one for home.  Hubby loves pie more than almost anything, and Grandma always taught me if you are going to go to the trouble and make the mess it takes to make one pie, you might as well make 2 or 3 or…. well – as many as you can!  🙂

So here is my recipe for old-fashioned, all-American Dutch Apple Pie.  I have tweaked it a bit from an old, worn-out cookbook I’ve had for about 30 years called , “Farm Journal’s Complete Home Baking Book.”  This is one of the very few cookbooks I’ve hung on to for it’s tried and true recipes.

I guarantee you will be a superstar if you bake and take or serve this all-star pie!

Dutch Apple Pie

Ingredients:dutch apple pie slice alamode


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Prepare pie crust and place in bottom of fluted 9 inch pie stone or pan.

Mix apples, sugar, flour, and cinnamon thoroughly until juices begin to form.  Pour into pie crust.

In a bowl, combine flour and sugar.  Cut butter in small pieces and work into flour/sugar with a pastry blender until a nice crumbly mixture forms.  Sprinkle and mound all over top of apple filling.

Cover edges of pie crust with foil to prevent from over-browning and bake for one hour.  Remove foil for last 10 minutes.

Cool completely and serve with ice cream, cool white or even a slice of sharp cheddar cheese if you please.


Cheers & Hugs,

57 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Dutch Apple Pie

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  2. Once again we are thinking alike Jodi! I am mentioning American apple pie on my post on Friday, but I am not making one, alas, yours looks amazing! I haven’t had apple pie in forever, and your crust looks so good I can almost taste it!

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  4. There’s a scene in the old movie “Starman” where outer space alien Jeff Bridges is sitting in a truck stop, eating Dutch Apple pie. With his mouth full, he says “It’s terrific,” and gives it a thumbs up. That must have been YOUR recipe, Jodi. So yummy looking!

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  5. Maybe it´s considered “all-American” because of the baking dish… To me this pie thing is really American – here in Europe we rather make cakes or tartes or strudels. I know this American “pie pan” only of French quiches… Anyway – your pie looks gorgeous!!! Can´t you throw a slice over the sea? 😉

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  6. Thanks for another great recipe! I love pies, especially home made ones. (BTW, I made my strawberry version of your raspberry tart yesterday, and it was very good! But I do think the texture of the raspberries is probably better, as the strawberries were bulkier. I just used them because I happened to have them in the fridge, and was too lazy to head to the store for raspberries… Definitely going to make that tart again, though!)

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  7. Making piles has been a new adventure for me recently. Dutch apple pie is my favorite pie to make. I’ve had some decent success and finally mastered the crust, I think. This recipe looks almost identical to what I’ve been using. It’s been quite a hit in our neck of the woods too!

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    • Good for you! Glad to hear. My best tip on pie baking is to not overwork the crust dough. People tend to want to really work and knead it like bread. the less you “work” it, the more tender and flaky it will be. Only mix it until combined and can hold together and then roll it out. 🙂

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