Blue Heron with Purple Feathers

blue heron with purple feathers original watercolor 9x12 arches 300 lb cold press

blue heron with purple feathers – original watercolor- Β 9×12 arches – 300 lb cold press

Why be simply an “ordinary” Blue Heron
when you could have Purple Feathers too?

It’s #DrawABirdDay! Β Why not?

Cheers & Hugs,


74 thoughts on “Blue Heron with Purple Feathers

  1. he is stoically eying me, but ever ready to take wing and protect his purple feathers from my gready Hand…
    No, seriously, I dont collect feathers, plucking them from live birds.
    Love the painting. Thanks.

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  2. I’ve enjoyed zooming in on your painting this morning. Every brush stroke and dots of paint are just where they need to be, Your texture, overlapping color and vibrancy is so awesome. The Blue Heron is one of my favorite birds, great pck for draw a bird day, Jodi

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  3. WOWZA!! Jodi! πŸ’œπŸŽ¨πŸ’– Your Heron is stunningly beautiful!! I LOVE the colors! I like how you painted the bird’s head and its beak and its purple feathers are awesome! Your paintings keep getting better and better, my friend!! 🌟🌟🌟

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