Fun Flowers

fun flowers watercolor print template Nick

I recently made this “fun flower” watercolor painting inspired by a stamp I had seen for my BFF Jill’s birthday.

Jill loves bright colors, but is not a fan of cut flowers, because when you cut them, they die.

I thought a painting of brightly colored flowers that can’t die would be a fitting gift.

I am also thinking of another BFF today –  my friend Bubby, whose father recently passed away and whose funeral we attended this week.   And then I learned of another BFF – my longest time, dearest friend, Janet, whose Dad was hospitalized yesterday.

I hope these flowers will cheer them for even a moment in their time of grief and worry.

May these flowers brighten your day in some small way.

Cheers & Hugs,


Wisdom in the Wind

wind in acrylics

Abstract Wind in Acrylic – 6×6

Wisdom in the Wind

Wherever you go…
carry seeds that spread and plant joy and beauty.

Recognize that some seasons call for soft and gentle whispers…
while others call us to blow strong and loud and bold.

And the same breath that creates a cool and gentle breeze
can also fuel a fire.

Realize that adjusting your sails
will allow you to sail smoothly and dance freely.

And when you aren’t sure what the question is,
consider that the answer just might be blowing in the wind.

This is my third and final in the series of Lessons from Nature.
It follows Reflections from the River, and Truths from the Tree.

The “art” above is my first attempt with Acrylic Paints after about a year of watercolor adventures.  I am still learning to master watercolor, and it is still my first love, but I’ve been itching to try Acrylic after seeing so much beauty created by other artist friends and the encouragement of Laura at CreateArtEveryday.    For this piece, I simply wanted to feel the paint and see how it moved, so I decided to create “Wind.”  It is done on a 6×6″ Aquaboard, and the beauty of that is, I can just wash it off and create something else over it.  I must admit, it was fun to be able to “over”work with acrylic paint and even add white!

Cheers & Hugs,


Lilac Love

lilac love watercolor painting arches 300 lb cold press 10 x 14 diaxozine violet

lilac love watercolor painting arches 300 lb cold press 10 x 14 diaxozine violet

The purple lilacs around here are done for the season,
but the white lilac tree in my yard is crazy full of tiny white flowers
that are filling the entire yard with such an amazing fragrance!

While my poor son is sneezing like crazy from all the pollen in the air right now,
I don’t dare pick and bring a bouquet into the house as much as I’d love to….

But I was inspired to paint some lilacs (purple is more fun!)
with that sensational scent wafting through my brain down to my fingertips
as I dripped and dropped and splashed and splattered Dioxazine Violet.

Can you almost smell them?

Cheers & Hugs,

I’m joining my friend Charlie with these sweet smelling flowers for his #NatureDoodlewash challenge.