Fun Flowers

fun flowers watercolor print template Nick

I recently made this “fun flower” watercolor painting inspired by a stamp I had seen for my BFF Jill’s birthday.

Jill loves bright colors, but is not a fan of cut flowers, because when you cut them, they die.

I thought a painting of brightly colored flowers that can’t die would be a fitting gift.

I am also thinking of another BFF today – Β my friend Bubby, whose father recently passed away and whose funeral we attended this week. Β Β And then I learned of another BFF – my longest time, dearest friend, Janet, whose Dad was hospitalized yesterday.

I hope these flowers will cheer them for even a moment in their time of grief and worry.

May these flowers brighten your day in some small way.

Cheers & Hugs,


55 thoughts on “Fun Flowers

  1. This is beautiful! So bright and full of personality! Praying for you and your friends. I’m sure this will brighten their day like it brightened mine. πŸ™‚

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