Be Like a Pineapple


9 x 12 watercolor pineapple loose arches 300# hot press

Oh if we could all be
more like a pineapple…

confident and proudly
wearing our crown

with a thick outer skin
that protects the sweetness inside.

Be like a pineapple!

Cheers & Hugs,


54 thoughts on “Be Like a Pineapple

  1. What a beautiful post! This is Jodi all the way, right here! Challenging subject too, and love your interpretation!!! Any tips to share? Mentors need help too, ya know. 😍😘🎨😎❀️ Seriously, this is beautifully done. I think a whole series of these would make a lovely collection of kitchen art. And you are just the nistasista to do it!!

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  2. Your pineapple just took my breath away and made me smile! Absolute beauty.

    But, I did think … we don’t want to be TOO much like a pineapple … with that thick and gristle-y core in the center. We need to bring let sweetness reach to our very center!

    (I am so hungry for pineapple right now … )

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    • Thanks Jenna. I really enjoyed doing it and like how it turned out! ☺️. I actually did a pineapple slice I’ll be sharing tomorrow. Lol


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