Alleys In Between

alley marietta georgia

Alley at Marietta Square, Marietta, Georgia

On a recent visit to Atlanta, Georgia,
I visited the quaint town of Marietta.

Marietta Square
was so lovely.

Quaint little shoppes
with names like Lizards and Lollipops

where hubby and I giggled over stuffed pink owls
and old-fashioned toys,

and shared our excitement
for the upcoming birth of our first grandchild

while sipping peach tea
and frozen lemonade.

And I strolled through the most beautiful art museum
where local artisans displayed their heart and passion and craft

with the only criterion for this annual Metro Montage juried exhibition
being American citizenship,

but where I saw art that touched my heart even deeper
than the beautiful Monets

I had the privilege of viewing
at the Atlanta High Museum of Art only the day before.

The antique shoppes drew me in
with their charm and smell and nostalgia.

And we traversed the railroad track
envisioning the hustle and bustle

of the train station
that once was

where kisses and hugs
and waves goodbye

were followed by tears of joy and sorrow,
and dreams were created and shattered.

But the things that drew me in most
were the alley ways

where real life

Where shoppe owners
and restaurant chefs
and museum directors
do what they need to do

so we can enjoy
the things they have to share.

It’s that “in-between stuff”
that always draws me in.

The lives, the stories,
the struggles, the triumphs.

The day-to-day moments
that make it all real,

that make it all charming,
that make it all worth cherishing.

The in between alleys
that create our lives.

Cheers & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “Alleys In Between

  1. So well done my dear, your observations and eye for the important details of life are “on target”. CAN NOT wait till you observe your first grand baby ……the words will flow with even more magic! Love your thoughts “in between”❀️❀️❀️❀️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah ‘the in between stuff where real life happens”, I like that very much Jodi. It reminds me of the journey everyone rides to be, to see, to receive, to love, to reach out, to achieve. The real stuff, where nobody is watching, observing, commanding but ourselves. Beautiful!


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