A Pretty Plenteous Pink Peony

Watercolor Pink Peony on 16 x 20 Canvas

Watercolor Pink Peony on 16 x 20 Canvas

Another thing I couldn’t wait to do after being away last week was paint!  I was just dying to splash with my watercolor.

Not to mention the fact that I got to actually visit a real live Blick Art Supply Store in Atlanta!  I have never been in one and almost fainted when I spotted it on a trolley tour I was taking one day while hubby was “conferencing.”

The next day, first thing on my list was an Uber ride to visit.  Oh what fun I had examining the super soft, beautifully handmade pure squirrel hair French Isabey brushes.  I bought two – a #4 Cat’s Tongue and a #4 Flat.  I used the Cat’s Tongue to do the entire painting above.

I often wondered how people watercolor on canvas, which is made for oil and acrylic.  Imagine my excitement when I discovered tubs of QoR Cold Press Ground – a pasty substance you can slather on most anything with a palette knife to create a surface that has the appearance of rough handmade watercolor paper and reacts lovely to watercolor!  I couldn’t wait to try it out – so covered an inexpensive 16×20 canvas with it, let it “cure” overnight and used my newest color  – the glorious Opera Rose, mixed with Permanent Rose and a bit of Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Gold and Green Gold to create my pretty plenteous pink peony.

I bought some other goodies I’m looking forward to trying out that I don’t even know what to do with yet, but I’ll be sure to share when I do.

The greatest thing about the store was they matched all prices on the web too with my Blick Preferred Customer card.  The service was great, and the experience was wonderful.  The only thing that dragged me out of there was the call from my friends who said it was time to meet them at the World of Coca-Cola Museum (where I may or may not have bought an adorable polar bear hoodie for my soon-to-arrive granddaughter).

It was a lovely visit to Atlanta, but it’s always good to be home sweet home, baking and painting and doing all the things I love at life… in… between.

Cheers & Hugs,


53 thoughts on “A Pretty Plenteous Pink Peony

  1. This is nice and fresh looking, Jodi, and it flows nicely! I need to make some time to paint again – it’s been so long now I think I’ve lost the ‘knack’ I sort of built up… seeing your (and others!) artwork inspires me, but seeing the time drags me down again. Sigh.
    Hey ho! Happy Sunday!

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  2. Very nice! The polar bear hoodie sounds so cute, want a picture of that 🙂 And I am betting that isn’t the only article of clothing that you have for it, is it? When my great nephew was due my sister showed me the part of the closet that she had blocked off for just his stuff 😉 She may have had more than just 1 outfit hanging in there before he was born 😉

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  3. LOVE LOVE this Jodi! And oh how much fun I would have had shopping with you at Dick Blick! I am going to get a cat’s tongue on your recommendation, I tend to only paint with one brush for my watercolors anyway, and it looks like the perfect brush! I haven’t heard of the watercolor on canvas technique, and that really interests me as the one thing I don’t like about the finished paintings is the fact you have to mount the paper. Thanks for all the links and info! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

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  4. Oh Jodi…..I love your flower, not overly done, soft, no fiddling and very beautiful! I was going to ask you about the paper, wow…..that texture! I have heard about that watercolor ground but haven’t really felt like I wanted to try it out until now! Oh I also loved how you allowed the drips to drippy drip and interconnect, love! And your use of the white. Yes, you did well. I have never been to a Dick Blick store, what a dream! Oh I just looked the stores up and I am about 90 minutes away from one! Yay! I know now where I am going soon 🙂

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  5. Jodi. This is a beautiful painting to do just back from vacation; you did a fantastic job. I completely understand how you feel about the art store, all those art supplies, things to try and be creative with. My favourite is this local story in Edmonton called Delta Art. It is jammed back with art supplies of every kind. I almost feel myself drool when I go in there and the only other two stores that come close are Sephora or the Lindt Chocolate Outlet Store. Art tools and supplies are fascinating. We have a chain store here called Colours which is also awesome for art supplies as well (thought not as good as Delta). Enjoy being home and hope you had a lovely vacation.

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  6. one of the best results of watercolor on canvas i have seen..
    you should be tickled Pink! lol
    I have not tried that wc ground that you did. hmmm. I think, I may put it on my ‘list’ Jodi.
    this is a really lovely, lively, fresh, loose, Beauty of a painting!!!! good on ya!

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  7. Gorgeous! I love the splash of dots on it, nice touch!! Sounds like you were in your own little piece of heaven, what luck to have found that store, such a lovely surprise!! I’m sure you will discover what to do with the other goodies you picked up too. Lucky us, we get to enjoy it too!! 🙂

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  8. Beautiful water color, as always! And is that a new name, or has your blog always been called “The Creative Life in Between?” I don’t remember seeing the word creative before, but whenever you put it in, I really like it because it describes your blog perfectly!

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  9. This is inspiring to me as I’m growing fond loose brush strokes (lol). Glad I read this post because painting on a canvas is something that has been on my mind too out of curiosity 🙂 Have fun with your new goodies then!

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