Two sweet boys… two years apart


Once upon a time…   (isn’t that how all fairy tales begin?)
there was a young woman

whose dreams came true
when she was blessed with the gift

of two sweet boys
two years apart.

The young mom lived next
to another young mom

who had a boy and two girls
a few years older.

The one little girl
came to visit quite often.

She loved the other mom’s babies,
and the mom loved the little girl.

Her name was Stefanie,
but the boys could not say that,

so she became “Bunny”
forever and always.

Time and distance
have a way of dividing

people and lives
even those that are special.

But time and distance
can also be overcome

like it was this past weekend
for that mom and sweet “Bunny”

when the news of another
baby brought them together.

Some special relationships
are simply meant to be

like the mom who will now
soon be a grandmother

and the little girl who now
is the best momma to her own

two sweet boys
two years apart.

Cheers & Hugs,

This post is dedicated and written in love to a very special young lady and mom, Stefanie (“Bunny”).  Thank you for reaching out.  Thank you for sharing your time and your heart and your little loves.  You are my hero, sweet Momma.   Keep doing it right! ❤





39 thoughts on “Two sweet boys… two years apart

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  2. Your post is a highlight to my morning, love those birds… you realize that each one has a particular expression on its’ face? so darling! and your poem/story, I swear I feel like I am invited into your home for a cup of tea. Are you a Southerner by any chance? You remind me so much of one. Have a wonderful day by the way.

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    • Oh Margaret – how I adore your comments sweet lady!! Yes – I purposely gave them each a particular expression that I felt represented them. Thank you for noticing! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy my posts as if you are visiting. That is totally my goal – always! But alas, no – not a southerner. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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