The Season of Magic


Sammy the Elf – the Magic of Christmas

Long before the Official “Elf on the Shelf” was marketed (and got a bit out of control – but dang!  Why didn’t I think to market it!?!), our family had an heirloom elf who came to visit during the magical month of December.

Sammy (we knew his name because it was written on his shirt) came to visit and watch over our boys to assure they were being good and deserving of Christmas gifts from Santa.  He would move around the house every night, and the boys had so much fun waking up each morning trying to find him and see what he might have been up to the night before.

Sammy always left with Santa on his sleigh after Santa brought the boys’ gifts on Christmas eve, and he didn’t return until the following December 1st.

One important thing about Sammy was that he could not be touched by human hands – never – ever –  or he would lose his “magic.”   The boys never dared touch him.  (He came with a note from Santa the first year telling us so.)

Though our Christmas tree has become a smaller, themed, and artificial version of the live cut trees of years past loaded with sentimental and handmade ornaments, the one thing I still put on our tree is Sammy.

Our boys still often reminisce when they see him, laughing at how they believed so strongly in him and his magic – yet still almost afraid to touch him…

Sammy is an heirloom Christmas “decoration” that was my Grandma’s, so I especially cherish him.  She had what seemed like dozens of these tiny toy elves all over her home doing silly things at Christmas.   She was such a character and had a great sense of humor, so her elves would be hanging from curtain rods and peeking over picture frames and sitting cross armed and legged in the strangest of places.

And then, it seemed for many years, these elves were impossible to find (especially when friends’ kids wanted an elf like Sammy!) – until “Elf on a Shelf” became the rage.

Our sweet Sammy is worn and thread-bare in many places, but he will always have a place of honor on our tree and in our home in December.

He reminds me of the magic of the season.
The magic of Christmas.
The magic of children and believing.
The magic of family memories –
my children and my own childhood.

It is indeed
the season of Magic!

Happy December!

Cheers & Hugs,


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50 thoughts on “The Season of Magic

  1. This is such a sweet, wonderful story! I had never heard of “elves on shelves” until all the rage so you were fortunate to have had the experience with your children while they were so young. (I have a Christmas story that I should post about. It’s heart touching and funny). I love this story, Jodi!!

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  2. Your grandpa, my dad, always have little elves all over our home, when I was a young girl.My mom continued with the elves when we moved to Monroeville..In fact, I have a couple of those elves…..which are now ancient!!!!!! Xo

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  3. What a wonderful treasure and tradition you have.

    We have Christmas Bears. They arrive on December 1st and stay until Christmas Eve Day. They leave a note letting us they had to go help Santa with the last big push before his flight on Christmas, but they always return on Christmas morning.

    My kids love it, and now #1 Grandson is growing up with this tradition. How wonderful that you are going to be passing this wonderful Christmas tradition on to your Grand-daughter.

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  4. Wow Jodi, you guys had the original elf on the shelf! I didn’t know about it when my kids were young so I’ve been having a ball watching and helping my son do it for his boys. My daughter refuses to start the tradition, she says her life is complicated enough without adding that! Haha! The elf does have magic powers though, it’s amazing how the children don’t dare touch him!

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    • lol! It is fun – but I do think the parents today are making it a bit competitive and complicated – LOL! I didn’t have the “competition” at the time 🙂


  5. What a heart-warming post! Family treasures are so special, especially at Christmas where they come with so many good memories of past holidays. And I love that you and your family did the whole “Elf on the Shelf” thing way before it became popular. You should get credit for that idea, if you ask me!

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