purple anemone illusion watercolor on 9x12 140lb arches

purple anemone illusion watercolor on 9×12 140lb arches


creating an illusion

of what it should be,
or could be,
or would be….

is more beautiful,
and more interesting,
and more mysterious…

than the reality
of what it really is.

Cheers & Hugs,

Practicing from and inspired byΒ Jean Haine’s Atmospheric Watercolour Book

56 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. A beautiful abstract watercolour Jodi – as you say, the illusion is far more beautiful and mysterious than the reality, because it evokes the imagination and transports you to a another place, another world, another dimension…

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  2. your illusion, your … personal interpretation in your word choice and paint application choices are really the key to grabbing us, from our daily worries and grind.
    To be able to ‘enchant and entice’ with your art form, to cause the viewer to Pause, is a very lovely thing. Which you accomplished with excellence here Jodi! and the cool thing is, once you’ve learned this secret, you can then go and create “illusions” with any object you see – turning kitchen towels and pots – to new exciting …Jodi Worlds… Fun!!!! this is wonderful Jodi πŸ™‚

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