The Best Things in Life

Abstract Gold Flower 8x10 Arches 140lb Hot Press

Abstract Gold Flower 8×10 Arches 140lb Hot Press

The Best Things in Life…
aren’t things.

The Best Things in Life are..

Hugs -real, authentic, tight bear hugs,

Family – and friends who are our chosen family,

Smiles – the kind where your eyes and cheeks and whole face smiles,

Laughter – from the belly that can’t be contained,

Happy memories – of cherished moments,

Love – the verb, the action, the undeniable, overwhelming choice and joy.

The Best Things in Life
aren’t things.

Cheers & Hugs,

Daniel Smith Watercolors: Β Quinacridone Gold, Perylene Green

60 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life

  1. You are really good at painting in an abstract way. I have no vocabulary when it comes to art, but what I mean is, you paint the flower in such a way that we can immediately tell it’s a flower, but yet it doesn’t exactly look like one. Which is what makes them so fun! It’s as if you painted the essence of the flower.
    Okay, I’m done trying to explain it….but I really, really like it!

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    • I love how you explain this Ann – as I don’t feel I know the technical terms either – just a simple self taught uneducated in art wannabe – LOL! So this makes wonderful sense to me – and I so appreciate you taking the time to say it! And that is what I am trying to do – I think it might be called impressionistic πŸ™‚ Hugs and thanks!

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  2. This was such a warm and friendly message, Jodi. I usually answer responses on my own post and play “catch up” over the weekend. . . It was a busy one with my grandson having an injured leg from a trampoline accident and another minor family trauma.
    I like to see how you add art to your poetic expressions, Jodi. hugs xo

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      • Oh, thank you for caring about the youngest grandie, Jodi. It was odd, like a break but not labeled as one. I really like to stay in touch with people who take the time to visit or like my own posts. Thank you! ❀

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