Distant Memories

A Distant Ship from Shore Watercolor

A Distant Ship from Shore Watercolor

Distant memories.

I’m not much of a landscape artist.
I try, and I struggle, but I’m going to keep on trying.

One day I was practicing skies and clouds as a warm-up,
and came up with this super quick, simple little study.

It just kind of turned into a beach scene
with sea and sand and tall grasses.

It reminds me of lazy summer family vacations spent
when the boys were young (and so were we!)

It reminds me of Nagshead and Corolla and the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
It reminds me of Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head in South Carolina.

It reminds me of Ocean City, New Jersey and Maryland.
Of hot sand and cool breezes and refreshing, salty water.

Distant, joy-filled memories
like this distant ship from shore.

Cheers & Hugs,


55 thoughts on “Distant Memories

  1. Jodi, this is so serene, so beautiful! It makes me think of our vacations in Maine on the shore looking for sand dollars and soaking up the sun. Your painting brings me peace!!

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  2. This beach scene could even be here in my corner of tiny Rhode Island!! You capture so much beauty with your brushstrokes. I think you caught the perfect summer sky too. I brought in the toddler critic for his opinion and he “loves it”! He liked “the teensy boat on the water” – I didn’t even tell him it is a boat. Thank-you for this delightful post. P.S. Benjamin wants to see the “turtle and boat” that are featured on the related area. He is a dedicated Jodi fan!!

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  3. Landscape painting is hard but what helps is a creative vision and with this one, you are tapping into that….your vision. I love the sky and I especially love how you allowed the foreground and sea meld together, love that. What are those colors? they love each other!

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  4. Great memories! To me it reminds me of going to Galveston Beach as a kid with other families to these awesome beach houses on stilts, and playing the day away in the sand and surf. Those were the days! And then the movie Jaws came out. It was never the same, lol!

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  5. WHOA! What do you mean you aren’t good at painting landscapes?!! This is AWESOME Jodi!! 🎨👍 Love your sky and the beach and the sea – and it carries your memories with it! Such a delightful painting!! YAY!! 🌈💕

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