A Special Cookbook from Mom

Nicks Cookbook from mom

I have one more special little homemade Christmas gift to share this week.  This is one I was excited to give to my son, Nick.

Nick had requested I put a cookbook together of his favorite recipes I make, and especially those that are EASY, so that he will have and be able to make wherever life takes him.

For the cover of this little book, I used a photo of our kitchen in the frenzy of pots boiling, cookies cooling, and flour and sugar and other ingredients out on the counter.  I am hoping as he takes this little book with him throughout his life, he will remember the smell and feel and love of our family kitchen.

For the intro page, I wrote Nick a short note:

Nicks cookbook from mom introduction page

Nick is a chicken lover, so I tried to remember all of his favorite chicken dishes.

nick cookbook chickfila chicken sandwiches

But remembering the “easy” part, I tried to include those simple things he always enjoyed.

Nicks Cookbook page

So – it’s not a masterpiece or an Amazon bestseller, but it is simple gesture of a Momma’s love that I hope Nick will treasure.

Cheers & Hugs,


46 thoughts on “A Special Cookbook from Mom

    • Oh RR – you silly – I “wannabe” a writer like you! I’m certain you could do this too, but I love how you wrote yours out on 3×5 cards! That is how I have some – in my grandma’s handwriting – and they are my faves! 🙂

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  1. This is wonderful Jodi! About 12 years ago, I bought a spiral notebook and wrote down all of our favorite recipes and gave it to my daughter. That is one of her favorite cookbooks! All handwritten with love. I love how yours are titled, “Nick’s Favorite…” Love it! I’m sure it will be a very special cookbook for him (and his wife someday) too!

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    • Thanks Jill – He could never treasure it as much as I treasure him, but I will keep trying 🙂 I know the days are not long that he will be flying the coop, so I am cherishing the moments!

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  2. I love it Jodi..what a great gift! The cookbook presentation is wonderful! – I made a cookbook for two of my sons when they went on their own – but they were just printed 8 x 11″ stapled copies…yours is so much better! I’m working on a ‘real’ cookbook for us now (fabulousfaresisters) and hope to get it on Amazon next year! You should definitely do the same as you’re an awesome cook! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Oh, sweet Jodi! Your message to your son brought tears to my eyes! 💖💕 What a special treasure to give to your son! A true gift of heART! 😍❤️🎁 I like how you included photos too! Did you make the book yourself? I’d love to make something like this as a gift. 😃

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  4. What a loving tribute to you, Jodi, that he would ask for this. Thirty years ago my mother-in-law made up a handwritten booklet of family recipes for me. It’s the most treasured Christmas gift I’ve ever received.

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