A Special Cookbook from Mom

Nicks Cookbook from mom

I have one more special little homemade Christmas gift to share this week.  This is one I was excited to give to my son, Nick.

Nick had requested I put a cookbook together of his favorite recipes I make, and especially those that are EASY, so that he will have and be able to make wherever life takes him.

For the cover of this little book, I used a photo of our kitchen in the frenzy of pots boiling, cookies cooling, and flour and sugar and other ingredients out on the counter.  I am hoping as he takes this little book with him throughout his life, he will remember the smell and feel and love of our family kitchen.

For the intro page, I wrote Nick a short note:

Nicks cookbook from mom introduction page

Nick is a chicken lover, so I tried to remember all of his favorite chicken dishes.

nick cookbook chickfila chicken sandwiches

But remembering the “easy” part, I tried to include those simple things he always enjoyed.

Nicks Cookbook page

So – it’s not a masterpiece or an Amazon bestseller, but it is simple gesture of a Momma’s love that I hope Nick will treasure.

Cheers & Hugs,


49 thoughts on “A Special Cookbook from Mom

  1. I’m a Jodi wanna be this morning. No amount of effort would make my recipes come together looking like that 🙂 but I wrote some out for my daughter on 3×5 cards which I think she’ll appreciate. Very thoughtful gift and keepsake

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    • Oh RR – you silly – I “wannabe” a writer like you! I’m certain you could do this too, but I love how you wrote yours out on 3×5 cards! That is how I have some – in my grandma’s handwriting – and they are my faves! 🙂

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  2. This is wonderful Jodi! About 12 years ago, I bought a spiral notebook and wrote down all of our favorite recipes and gave it to my daughter. That is one of her favorite cookbooks! All handwritten with love. I love how yours are titled, “Nick’s Favorite…” Love it! I’m sure it will be a very special cookbook for him (and his wife someday) too!

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    • Thanks Jill – He could never treasure it as much as I treasure him, but I will keep trying 🙂 I know the days are not long that he will be flying the coop, so I am cherishing the moments!

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  3. I love it Jodi..what a great gift! The cookbook presentation is wonderful! – I made a cookbook for two of my sons when they went on their own – but they were just printed 8 x 11″ stapled copies…yours is so much better! I’m working on a ‘real’ cookbook for us now (fabulousfaresisters) and hope to get it on Amazon next year! You should definitely do the same as you’re an awesome cook! 🙂 🙂

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  4. Oh, sweet Jodi! Your message to your son brought tears to my eyes! 💖💕 What a special treasure to give to your son! A true gift of heART! 😍❤️🎁 I like how you included photos too! Did you make the book yourself? I’d love to make something like this as a gift. 😃

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  5. What a loving tribute to you, Jodi, that he would ask for this. Thirty years ago my mother-in-law made up a handwritten booklet of family recipes for me. It’s the most treasured Christmas gift I’ve ever received.

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  6. Reblogged this on the creative life in between and commented:

    Feeling nostalgic – and hungry LOL – and remembering giving this cookbook to my youngest son for Christmas one year after he left home. He still uses it.

    As you contemplate gifting and shopping, remember to give gifts from the heart.

    My request this year from my son – – a schedule of Sunday Christmas dinners that I can cook for the fam! 🙂 Hope I get it!!

    Cheers & Holiday Hugs,


  7. Thats so great. I have recepies from my grandma, that I never wrote down because I made them so often, but now, of course, I can’t remember! This is priceless. Love the cover too! But the layout inside WOW! what a lot of work, so professional too!

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