Difficult Paths

Scottsdale, AZ - July, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ – July, 2017

Difficult Paths.

Difficult paths
often lead to
beautiful destinations.


Cheers & Hugs,

On a recent trip to Arizona, I loved snapping shots of the beautiful desert scenery.  Little did I know how sharp and painful beautiful cactus plants are when you rub up against them too close………. In Steve Erkel voice….. “Did I do that????”  Yep!  Yep I did!

33 thoughts on “Difficult Paths

  1. Ouch! When we moved from Connecticut to California I remember my dad telling me, the mountains may look brown to you at first, but give them a chance, they really are beautiful…he was right, it’s so important not to let perceived expectations bias your thoughts, and appreciate things for their natural beauty!

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  2. Your desert photo is magnificent! The old “look, but don’t touch” adage must have started with a cactus. I remember when my Son’s cat would eat his cactus plants and they hurt if you touched them. We never knew how he managed to endure those prickly spines, they must have been tasty. Thank-you for sharing!

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  3. Wow picture again. Is the ground or shrub really that yellow? Amazing. Bet you could make dyes. I noticed comment above from painted apron, everythinks Im nuts because i love our rolling hills when they are all golden brown, reminds me of golden velvet. Yes i love it when they are too, but my favorite is the soft vevelty look when they are broem, born and raised Californian, near the rolling hills of Niles, reference area from old silent movies and westerns the days of Charlie Chaplin.

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