Chippy the Chipmunk

Chippy the Chipmunk Watercolor 8x10 140 lb Artistico Cold Press

Chippy the Chipmunk Watercolor 8×10 140 lb Artistico Cold Press

Chippy the Chipmunk

Down south in the state of Mississippi
lived a chipmunk whose name was Chippy.

Chippy was sometimes a bit lippy
especially when the air was nippy.

But his mom knew Chippy was not really drippy,
although he could be a little flippy.

Chippy was usually very zippy,
which made him mom say, “Yippee!”

“Chippy is the best zippy chippy
of all the zippy chippies in Mississippi!”

Cheers & Hugs,

This is just one of a series of fun animal watercolor paintings and rhymes I am pursuing.

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42 thoughts on “Chippy the Chipmunk

  1. Good Morning, Jodi! Once again you have made Benjamin the happiest of little boys! Just minutes ago we were watching a chipmunk from Benjamin’s spectator seat in the kitchen sink. Imagine our surprise when we came to visit your blog! “Chippy” is what Benjamin calls all chipmunks, he used to call them “munks” when he was very little. We are enchanted with “Chippy” and his cute story poem too! Our “Chippy” looks exactly like yours, it’s a long way from Mississippi! Thank-you so much, we love your animals!

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  2. P.S. Benjamin had to go and visit the paw print, which took us back to “Slinky’s” portrait. Benjamin thought it was Auntie Heidi’s dog, Harley. Harley is Black Lab/German Shepherd and does look very much the same. Then we went back to “Charlie” which led us back to you first watercolor of the Cardinal. Benjamin loved that picture! So much fun, to see what you have posted in the past. Now, we are off to revisit Earl, Mig, Hal and the others.

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  3. Oh, I love that last line!! Lol!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Zippy Chippy!! 🐿 I think I saw him at the lake this last weekend… We don’t see them very often anymore as the squirrels of Earl have taken over! Lol! πŸ₯œ

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  5. Pingback: Creative Inspiration in Food, Watercolor, Photography, Writing and Life in Between.

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