Red Rocks of Sedona in Watercolor

Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona from Chapel of the Holy Cross 8x10 Watercolor 140lb Arches Cold Press

Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona from Chapel of the Holy Cross 8×10 Watercolor 140lb Arches Cold Press

Red Rocks of Sedona in Watercolor.

In trying to keep up with practicing and posting a watercolor painting every other day for #WorldWatercolorMonth in July, I had a little bit of time last evening to give my first go at painting a very loose and quick landscape of a photo I took on our recent trip to Sedona, Arizona.

The photo was taken from a high spot right outside the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a beautiful Roman Catholic Chapel built into the buttes of Sedona.

Many have tried to capture the beauty of the red rocks of Sedona.  Many have succeeded FAR better than me!  But I truly don’t know that any photo or painting can do the extraordinary scenery of this majestic landscape justice.  It was fun trying.  It was fun remembering the day and our time with Jayme and Ryan.  It was fun simply splashing paint.

That’s what life in between is about…. having fun with that time doing what you love.

Cheers & Hugs,

Colors Used:  Daniel Smith Raw Sienna, Indian Red, Permanent Red Deep, Olive Green, Sap Green, Perylene Green, Cerulean Blue


57 thoughts on “Red Rocks of Sedona in Watercolor

  1. Your watercolors are so beautiful! I’ve had some personal issues in the past few weeks that dampened my desire to paint. I think I’ll try again today! Thanks for the lovely gift this morning. I really needed it.

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    • Oh Greg – thanks – this is the first – with the exception of a flowering cactus I also did recently – which I like better than this. Landscapes are so difficult for me!

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      • Landscapes are so difficult for me!

        Back when I coached my daughter’s basketball team. I had this thing called “weird rules basketball”. I would pick out the thing the girls struggled with and force them to exercise those skills, like “you can only dribble with your left hand, or no dribbling, only passing”. It was fun and the girls loved it.

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  2. Wow! I think it’s beautiful Jodi! 🎨👍 I think it is the memories you paint into a piece that brings one happiness. It may not look exactly as you remembered it or see it in a photo but you painted it with feeling. To me, this is what is most important. 😍

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  3. Very, very beautiful watercolor of the Red Rocks of Sedona. The shading of colors just amazes me. Your artistic talent blossoms in this painting. Benjamin loves it too! He also spotted something in the related area, last years humming bird to visit and then back to your first one. He was delighted with both, but wanted to know ” Gem where are the stories?” He says to tell Jodi to “do another one and a story!” I suppose that would be your assignment – if you choose to take it! Thank-you for giving us these joyful sharing times, we love your paintings!!

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  4. Honestly, I think your paintings are wonderful. But what I like best about them is knowing how much fun you have painting them, and how you don’t stress about trying to get everything “perfect.” Because that’s what art should be: creative joy!

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