Let’s Face It

Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona - July, 2017 - Do you see the face?

Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona – July, 2017 – Do you see the face?

Let’s Face It…

We must
all face the choice
what is
what is

– Professor Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Do you see the face in the rock?

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Seems Professor Dumbledore has some pretty profound things to say….  After all these years of my boys telling me I really should read the Harry Potter series, maybe I should……..

37 thoughts on “Let’s Face It

  1. No, I don’t see a face, but do see a lovely city with tall columns, and lovely carved artwork, and windows reminiscent of ancient Greece.

    I have read all the Harry Potter books, but not watched one movie from start to finish. I’ve done exactly the same with most books to movies. If I read the book/series first I can’t gin up enough interest in the movie thinking they’re going to leave stuff out which will leave me wanting.

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  2. You know me, I immediately saw the face!! 🤣😂 But then I again I see birds where most people don’t! Lol! 🐦👍 I haven’t read the books but I’d like to some day. 😊 Then I’d like to watch all the movies because I have only seen a few of them. 😃

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  3. The face jumped out at me as soon as the photo popped onto the screen! It looks just like a troll, but perhaps because I love them! Those Red Rocks of Sedona are breathtakingly beautiful. My oldest daughter (now 40!) loves the Harry Potter books and movies. I never read them, but think just maybe I should. One can never gain too much wisdom! Thank-you for another glimpse of Arizona’s wonders.

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  4. I saw the Greek colums and some animal before I saw the face, may not have noticed it all, except you mentioned it, then like Harry Potter “Magicaly it appeared. I had trouble reading Harry Potter at first, names and slang expressions unfamilair to my ears. Butthen I got into JK Rollins, what a creative and imaginative mind this lady has. Newspapers that you view like tv or utube, staircases that move, a game of hockey played in the air, all before much of technology was available. Her creativity to tell a story, to have a strong smart heroin, just captured me. I read the Hobbit every few years because of the same thing. Some of the later books got a little more dark for me, similair to Star Wars, but the creative genius of writers like Rollin, just shouldnt be missed, they are the Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Jules Vern thinkers that can verblize their visions and for me, it leaves mme awestruck, like your photos, they are amazing a true gift of artistness and skill and creativity and composition.

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