Embrace the Change

Watercolor Butterfly 8x10 Fabriano 140lb Cold Press

Watercolor Butterfly 8×10 Fabriano 140lb Cold Press

“If nothing ever changed,
there would be no such things as

-Wendy Maas, The Candymakers

Embrace the change.

Cheers & Hugs,

Butterfly watercolor inspired by the beautiful artistry of Dean Crouser

58 thoughts on “Embrace the Change

  1. Hello Jodie,
    This watercolour is beautiful. And the poem about change and butterflies is really lovely. They really do show us we all have to go through some changes to emerge fully as ourselves.
    A lovely post, thank you πŸ’

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  2. Excellent! And a very good point I’m going to try to remember the next time I’m feeling out of sorts because my life is changing a bit too fast. The beautiful butterfly perfectly illustrates why we need to stop being so resistant to change. Thanks, Jodi!

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  3. Your butterfly is beautiful and love the quote! Change is inevitable, so why not just embrace it and avoid undue stress when you can. My Gram used to say: “follow the wisdom of the willow tree; bend, so you do not break.” Thank-you for this lovely post!

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  4. Oh. Simply beautiful. Hard to add anything. I love butterflys so im biased as well, but you have totally mastered the beauty of Dean Crouses style. Colors are lovely, do you remember what you used? I’m not so good with change, i think that maybe why I gravitate to butterflies, i need the reminder. Everything will be ok, embrace the opportunities and fly. What a different perspective from being a catterpillar. So when do you paint happy-go-lucky catterpillar in all his fuzzy? Or have you ?

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  5. There is a lot of change going on in my life at the moment. I guess I’m getting ups and downs and sometimes I feel sick of all the changes! I love your butterfly and again I read this post just it time to get inspired to continue with the change!

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