In the Pink – In a Blink

In the Pink - Abstract Flower Watercolor 8x10 140lb Cold Press

In the Pink – Abstract Flower Watercolor 8×10 140lb Cold Press

In the Pink – In a Blink.

I stare at my computer most all day for work.
Much of the rest of the time, I am looking at my iPhone.

We all need to give our eyes and minds and bodies a break.

When I have a half hour, I often take a walk.

When I just need to step away to regroup for five minutes,
I’ve been challenging myself to do a quick painting in under five minutes.

I just step away.  Breathe.  And try something new.
My art room is on a different floor from my home office, so I just step away a bit and escape for a few minutes.  Art supplies always at the ready.

I might just try a different color paint than I typically use, a different style of painting, or a different size brush than I usually use.  Anything just to clear my mind and regroup.  I often come back to a task that was challenging me with a whole new perspective.

I have some scraps of failed paintings in a box that I can paint on the back of for practice, so I usually use those.  Like I did for this one.

I typically just leave it sit and dry and walk away, go back to work, and then look at it later to see if anything emerges.

This one surprised me, and I kinda love it.

What do you do when you have five minutes and need to regroup?

Cheers & Hugs,

Daniel Smith Watercolors used:  Raw Sienna, Perylene Violet, Permanent Rose, Cadmium Orange, Olive Green.  Brush Used:  Isabey #4 Cat’s Tongue Oval Wash.

57 thoughts on “In the Pink – In a Blink

  1. I really enjoy your paintings so much Jodi! Thank you for listing the colors & the brush! As I was viewing your painting this morning I was thinking….I wonder what watercolor brush she used for this painting & the green in the painting 🙂 I was so happy when I I scrolled down and seen your supplies! Thank you again! Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. You are an inspiration!!! Always a breath of fresh air and energy…… someday I’ll wake up and accomplish some of what you do!! Love and miss you my amazingly talented beautiful friend 😘😘💞

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  3. Gorgeous flower!! And amazing that you did it in 5 minutes!
    Those 5 minute breaks we take are necessary and can produce amazing things, as evident in your painting! 🙂
    I may listen to a song or I like to go for a walk as well to regroup!

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  4. I love this painting, the colors are stunning! I usually spend time in the forest to regroup and center myself. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air! Cheers 🙂

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  5. When I’m working, I will take a walk outside to the mailbox or go to the break room and sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. It is just enough to give my mind a rest. 😊 Lovely painting today, Jodi! 💕🌸 I had to look it up with a name like that!! 🐱👅 Lol!

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  6. I love this and love pink. Ur right our eyes need a break. Why is it so hard sometimes?? We used to live in a world where we weren’t so addicted. It’s so toxic now

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  7. Lovely watercolor! The abstract has a definite whimsy about it that draws me to it and the soft colors are beautiful. Before retirement, the only regrouping that time allowed in nursing was a quick cup of coffee. I suppose for some the caffeine would not be a good choice. It was and still is my comfort provider. Thank-you for showing this sweet painting.

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  8. I love it too! And it sounds weird, but when I need to decompress a bit, I often sit down with a catalog or a magazine and just skim it. It seems to recharge my mind, and then I can focus on what I’m supposed to be doing again!

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