Red Truck Christmas

Snowy Red Ford Truck with Christmas Wreath on Front Watercolor 11×14

Red Truck Christmas.

I can think of a few peeps who would love a new red truck for Christmas (one is the guy I’ve been living with for the past 35 years!).

But he already has one, and it was the model for my latest Christmas watercolor painting.

When I painted my previous classic red truck carrying a Christmas tree, my red truck man informed me since it was a Chevy, I needed to paint a Ford too.

So here it is.

It was fun to paint it this past Sunday afternoon en plein air.  Sunny and 77 degrees F outside in late October painting Christmas snow!   Gotta love it!

This painting makes great prints and cute cards for Ford truck lovers.

They will be available in our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy Shop, at Berry Vine Gifts, and at the Mars Fall Craft Show on November 18th.

Cheers & Hugs,

41 thoughts on “Red Truck Christmas

  1. This is another really creative scene, beautifully painted. Perfect for a holiday card. It’s going to 100 degrees today, where I am so the snow image is welcomed. Have a great day.

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  2. Love this watercolor of a red Ford truck with the festive wreath on front. I must admit that I did not know the classic red truck is a Chevy. Good Grief, I unwittingly compared that to my Dad’s black truck…his was a FORD, the only kind he ever owned. Thank goodness that transgression will remain between us. Of course, he would really be upset to know that I owned a Toyota! Benjamin wants you to know he loves both red trucks. I told him that one is a Ford and one is a Chevy and he says “No Gem, they are red trucks!” Thank-you for the red trucks!

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    • Oh Ellen – Ford/Chevy – whatever – LOL! There are those that it matters to – but not me! 🙂 And sssshhhh- but I drive a Nissan – haha! Benjamin is RIGHT – they are RED trucks – and that is enough! 🙂 ❤


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