Imagine it Real

Soft Spring Bunny Watercolor 8x10

Soft Spring Bunny Watercolor 8×10

that is real
was imagined

The Velveteen Rabbit

I “real”ly enjoyed
painting this
soft Spring bunny
with a bright, hopeful eye.

I never would have
just a couple years ago
that I could possibly
consider myself an


Cheers & Hugs,

70 thoughts on “Imagine it Real

  1. Again, hope to quote you some day. “Real” ly. Your words so true, and put together in a way thats thought provoking and memorable. So adorable bunny. I have seen other bunnys you have painted and loved them all. You have a marvelous collection now. Like the tiny touch of light blue under bunny’s eye. Love your work.

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  2. It’s been so much fun watching you gain confidence in your artistic skills! And I think you are so right, we do need to not only use our imaginations, but follow where they lead us. Who knows what we are capable of until we try?
    And I LOVE this little bunny!

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