Dance with Your Heart

Dance with Your Heart Pink Ballerina 11×14 140lb Cold Press

Dance with your Heart.
Your feet will follow.

There is something so fun about painting ballerinas.

I came across this idea and painting demonstration by Julie Hyde that uses cling wrap to create an ethereal effect of movement to the ballerina’s skirt.

Using a wet on wet technique, you apply crinkled cling wrap to the wet paint.  After allowing it to dry thoroughly, when you lift the cling wrap, a beautiful texture is created.

I also bought a book by an artist I recently discovered  – Ann Blockley, called Experimental Landscapes in Watercolor.  She also uses cling wrap and salt and ink and other various techniques to create dramatic expressive and interpretive landscapes.  I’m looking forward to trying out some new ideas from that.

In the meantime, I hope you will dance….

with your heart, with paint, while baking, while working….

whatever it is you are doing.

And Cherish the Moments.

Cheers & Hugs,



71 thoughts on “Dance with Your Heart

  1. Wow Jodi. This is absolutely amazing ! I am going to forward your blog on to my cousin Denise in San Diego. She has been involved in the Joffrey Ballet in San Diego ever since she was a young girl. Denise was always the prima ballerina in the Nutkracker Performance. Denise is now in her 50’s and she still works with the Joferey Ballett instructing other young women in Ballet. On Jan 25 her mother (my favorite aunt and my mother’s only remaining sibling passed away) i know this painting of yours will bring a smile to Denise’s face. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Oh my just lovely. You “captured” a moment in time. Just incredible your talent. Geez. Kinda apropo in lieu of Ella’s dance last evening albeit not ballerina.
    Oh Rob Says 👋🤗🤗🤗

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  3. Fabulous painting! You did it so well. Thanks for the tip on watercolor books, I see Ann Blockney also has a book on flowers, I never heard of her. Also thanks for the link for the video with Julie Hyde. I hope to try someday. Your painting is beatiful. Did it take very long?

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  5. It is really something with your whole heart. I found my passion for dancing at a very young age. I still do it because there is a bliss of joy. Even though I don’t always get the chance to dance on stage, I still freely dance around in my room. It’s really stress relief

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