Circles Celebrating

Circles Watercolor 11×14











Cheers & Hugs,



68 thoughts on “Circles Celebrating

  1. Hi Jodi. On my post next Wednesday I will show five photos of water droplets. I would like to mention your previous post, which inspired me to search for water droplets in my photo archive. May I have your permission to use your name and your blog?

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  2. When I opened today’s post I said: Look Benjamin, Jodi painted more love circles. He looked at the circles and said “No Gem, My Jodi only paints one Love Circle. These are Bubbles with melting colors and I love them the bestest ever.” An honest review by the Toddler Art Critic, although I suspect somewhat prejudiced by his love for the fine art of blowing bubbles! Benjamin and I are beings bumping, balancing, blending every day! I love the painting and the thoughts too! Thank-you x 2!! P.S. I was wondering if I ever told you how you became “My Jodi”?

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    • Oh my Ellen And Benjamin!❀️☺️. Thank you x10000000000000. I’m not sure you ever did share the my jodi story. I just know I love it. Now to know there is a story…. oh my!! ❀️


      • In honor of National Read Across America Day since March 2,1998 and Dr. Seuss Day as well (it is his 114th. birthday)…I will tell you the story of how “My Jodi” was born. Benjamin has been a faithful follower of your blog since last summer, a fact that you already know. As we have read each post together, he has come to recognize the name “Jodi” next to your picture by your comments. One day, some months ago, Benjamin saw an e-mail from “Jodi Picoult” and insisted that I open it for him to see Jodi. When it was open, he looked at me and said “This is not my Jodi, Gem where is my Jodi?” Upon opening your post that day, he said “This is My Jodi” and so it has been ever since. Benjamin now recognizes your e-mails too. Perhaps not as entertaining as a Dr. Seuss story, but the story of a dedicated follower named Benjamin! P.S. Read a book with your Granddaughter today, preferably one of the great Dr. Seuss books!

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      • Oh what a precious gift this is to me my dear Ellen and Benjamin! Oh to be “My Jodi” over Jodi Picoult! WOOOO! πŸ™‚ This is just so so so dear to me. In honor of this day, my granddaughter and I will be reading books and some Dr. Seuss, and I will surely be thinking of you! Thank you for this wonderful gift! Hugs from snowy Mars today.


  3. Fun fun fun. Happy happy happy, I do the same thing when I get several new paints to see how well they play together. Great tie in analogy for life. And sometimes you just need to play. In paints. Love the ” my Jodi” story above.

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