Free-Flowing Fluid Art

“From a Distance” Abstract Acrylic 12×12

Free-Flowing Fluid Art.

This past weekend, I experimented with another form of art using an acrylic pouring method to create these abstract pieces.

These are my first efforts, and there is so much more you can do with this technique using different tools and surfaces and colors.  I’m longing to find time to try again and create “cells” in the pour by adding oily products to the paint and pouring medium.

The main objective is to create a pouring texture of paint using an additive like Floetrol (used by house painters to improve performance and reduce brush marks as well as allow latex paint to spray like oil-based paint, and ultimately to save money by “stretching” the paint).   You can also purchase pouring medium products from many acrylic paint companies like Golden or Liquitex.   Some people use Elmer’s glue!  Water will even do the trick (though may dilute the paint a bit more).

“The Heart of the Stream” Abstract Acrylic 8×8

These are done on artist quality canvases and sprayed with a gloss varnish to seal the paint and make them shine.

What a joy to let loose and create magical mysteries.

Wishing you a day ahead that is sprinkled with magic and mystery.

Cheers & Hugs,


73 thoughts on “Free-Flowing Fluid Art

  1. I love these! I tried marbling with shaving cream, but it was not that successful. Glue might be my next attempt–I never thought of that. I may have some acrylic medium around somewhere too. Keep going! (K)

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      • I did do something similar with the Surface Treatment Workshop (STW) I did last year. But the biggest thing I learnt from doing the STW was that acrylic paint and acrylic mediums are NOT what I want to work with – I want to focus on watercolour. Acrylics don’t excite me like watercolour does…

        I love lots of other peoples acrylic paintings and I may still get my acrylics out from time to time, but I don’t have the passion for them that I do for watercolour… but I am loving your creative experiments Jodi…

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  2. The Toddler Art Critic says : “I love all the colors playing together, they are having fun!” He is very fond of the hearts in the second painting because “hearts are my favorite shape.” He practices drawing hearts on sheets of paper and then we fold them into airplanes for “floating hearts”. Your spirit of adventure in painting continues to delight us. We both enjoy watching you travel to places that you haven’t been before…and taking us along on the ride. Thank-you x 2!!

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  3. Oh Jodi, love that nothing holds you back. Fabulous. I’e been following Annaemarie Ridderhouf for about 2 years. Intrigued to try it myself. I have seen over 600 of her utube videos. She has made bowls & bird houses clocks. I even bought a kitchen torch for the cell making, but soon discovered how messy it is, I missed my opportunity 15 years ago. There is so many amazing technique for creativity in this medium of artwork, hope you play with it awhile. I think you will have a lot fun.

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  5. I’m experimenting on these fluid art paintings as well these days, with acrylics. And they are absolutely love. It gives much exploration to an artist and it’s such a unique way of showings one’s emotions 😍

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  6. I know I’m late replying but I’m so happy I found this post. I tried to do this but didn’t realize that I needed to mix something with the acrylic. This is such a duh moment for me. I love the way yours looks. I’ll be trying this again soon

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