Be a Mermaid

Be a Mermaid
Makes Waves!

A friend recently asked if I could paint a mermaid for her for a baby shower she is going to where the baby girl’s nursery theme is mermaids.

What fun it was to paint this in watercolor!Β  What a fun nursery theme too!

This painting makes cute cards, so I added prints and cards to our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop.Β  I thought the prints might be fun for little one’s rooms or nurseries and the cards for birthdays or just “under the sea” fun!

And why not be like a mermaid, and make waves!

Cheers & Hugs,

53 thoughts on “Be a Mermaid

  1. Benjamin was ecstatic to see your email this morning : “My Jodi is here!” We had quite a discussion after reading the post and viewing the painting. Benjamin said : “It is cute, for a girl.” He wanted to know if there is “a boy mermaid?” I told him that would be a merman, but that I’ve never seen a picture of one. He said : “My Jodi could do it!” To Benjamin, there is nothing that “My Jodi” can’t do! This is the sweetest little mermaid! Thank-you x 2!!

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  2. Well how precious. Love her love her. Couldn’t wait to get to you site just to see what Benjamin thought. He never dissapoints either ! Love that you sent him off on a new adventure, what an opportunity. well done Jodi! The cards are cute & i agree would make lovely beach towels, pillows, pillow cases backpacks etc! Very good Jodi!

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    • Awwww. How fun that Benjamin is gaining a fan club here!! ☺️❀️. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends here like you and Benjamin and Ellen! Thank you Dena!

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  3. Jodi, synchronicity! xo Hugs!
    I have a post already pre-scheduled with two sweet girls’ picture names (one is mermaid theme and the other is koalas! πŸ’•) Not sure if tomorrow or the next day. . . Their Mommy is having another baby so it was necessary to give the “big” sisters their name pictures, too.

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  4. Your painting will be treasured more and more as this baby grows up. She will realize you made and created this sweet pink haired mermaid for Her! πŸ’¦πŸ’ž 🌊 Your art will make a Splash, Jodi.

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