Young Fern in Spring, Mars, PA – May 2018


Spread out your arms
and show your true beauty.

Open up your heart
and show your true love.

Unwind your mind
and show your creativity.

Unpack your burdens
and feel the lightness of hope.

Uncover your inhibitations
and welcome the unknown.

Reach beyond the tightness
and ease into peace.



Cheers & Hugs,

42 thoughts on “Unfurl

  1. Another beautiful poem I have passed on to my son. I hope it helps him heal and move forward to the next phase of his life without his sweet Deanna.

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  2. The pictures are beautiful (I am endlessly fascinated by ferns) but it is your words that stop me and make me want to linger longer reading them over and over – they speak to my heart today …. thank you 🙏

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