A Daddy’s Love is as Big as the Moon

A Daddy’s Love is as Big as the Moon – Watercolor Illustration – 11×14

A Daddy’s Love is as Big as the Moon.

I was playing around with illustrative art one day as I continue to practice drawing techniques and watercolor.

I love painting loose, but I also admire those that can create bigger-than-life illustrative characters with their art.

Inspired by the birth of a new grandbaby, my heart feels as big as the moon.  I know my son feels the same way.

Today is also a special “anniversary” day for my Dad and me.  It is our 8-year reunion anniversary.  On July 17, 2010, my Dad and I were reunited after many years apart.  I now know his love is, and always has been, as big as the moon.

So this watercolor painting is meant to express that bigger-than-life feeling through illustrating the BIGness of that love.

Can you feel it?

I could picture this as a Daddy character in a children’s book, and it melts my heart.

A Daddy’s love…
my son’s – my husband’s – my dad’s……
is as big as the moon!

Just like my love is for them.

Cheers & Hugs,


41 thoughts on “A Daddy’s Love is as Big as the Moon

  1. It’s beautiful. The sentiment and the execution of the work. Many congratulations to you and to the parents of this new life. Welcome to the world, little one. And congratulations to you and your daddy too on this special day of celebration of the love you share that was always there x

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  2. “A Father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you.” – Dimitri the Stoneheart. We love the painting!! When I read the words in your title, Benjamin said : “That’s like my Daddy, he loves me to the moon and back, just like in my book!” You have two Father’s Days to celebrate, one in June and another in July to double the joy! Congratulations to the Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather…and the Mother and Grandmother too! Thank-you x 2!!

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  3. I remember reading about your reunion with your father shortly after I first started following your blog. I was so attracted to the way your wrote from your heart and told your story simply and honestly. And now you get to see your son being such a good father to his two little girls….what could be nicer? The painting captured the love perfectly!!!

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