Mommy’s New Love

Mommy’s New Love – Watercolor 11×14

Mommy’s New Love.

The only thing
that can even possibly compare
to the indescribable feeling
of Mommy’s New Love….

might just be
Grandma’s new love.

This is another illustrative watercolor
meant to express the joy
that can only come
from watching your children
experience the joy
of having children…

and getting to be a part of it.

Cheers & Hugs,


27 thoughts on “Mommy’s New Love

  1. On July 12th, this very post appeared in my inbox. When I tried to open it, a message stated “Oops! This page can not be found.” Imagine my surprise when I opened today’s post and noticed that this same post was posted yesterday. It had not reappeared in yesterday’s inbox. A conundrum for sure! The painting is adorable. “Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you never knew was empty.” Thank-you!

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