Red Lantern in Snowy Woodland

Red Lantern in Snowy Woodland Watercolor 11×14

Red Lantern  in Snowy Woodland Watercolor.

When it is 109 days until Christmas….  (woohoo!)
and  105  days until the first day of Winter….  (while I paint in shorts in air conditioning)
and 72 days until the Mars Fall/Holiday Craft Show…. (the biggest, greatest craft show in our area!)

I can’t help but get a teensy bit excited for snow…
and Christmas…
and holiday decorating.

And I had so much fun painting this wintery scene
while early September temperature hovered in the 90s,
but Autumn sunsets and breezes tantalized and teased.

And I dreamed of the warm glow
and frosty blanketed beauty
of a White Christmas.

Cheers & Hugs,


MarsFallCraft Show

58 thoughts on “Red Lantern in Snowy Woodland

  1. Tis the season ! Have fun. I know how much you enjoy preparing for the big holiday (I so remember doing that as well with Terry with all our Christmas decorations, different themes creatively choreographed to a fantastic and fully automated light show) enjoyed by all the community. A bit different creative avenue than your artistry and homemade creative crafts, but I think in one way or another for those who truly enjoy Christmas… brings out the creativity in all of us in whatever fashion is our specialty. Enjoy getting ready for the big Mars fair and craft show as well where I know your booth will be very popular by the community. Luv Gary

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  3. Beautiful, so magical! I just finished decorating outside for autumn and really enjoyed it, I love fall so much and wait all year for it to arrive. All the fall and Christmas festivals, I can’t wait! Same for Christmas as well, I love the snowy days, chilly nights, glowing fires! 🎃🎄

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