Painting Pumpkins

Abstract Pumpkin Watercolor 11×14

Painting Pumpkins.

Lest you think I just skipped over Autumn and Pumpkin time to Christmas from my last post, know I have pumpkin on the brain!

Last weekend, when I found some time to spend in my art studio, I painted the below painting first….

I thought it was “Mehhh…”

Pumpkins & Sunflower Watercolor 11×14

Then I let loose and painted the first one.

but powerful
and satisfying.

This is my favorite way to paint.

Let loose!
Express yourself…
in bold, but simple ways.

Cheers & Hugs,

64 thoughts on “Painting Pumpkins

  1. I have often said, I’ve never met a pumpkin that I didn’t love…I still haven’t! I love both of these fantabulous pumpkin paintings and without a doubt, Benjamin will too! I was gifted with the best T-shirt last year, it has a humongous pumpkin imprinted with “Advice from a Pumpkin : Be well-rounded, Get plenty of sunshine, Have a thick skin, Keep growing, Be outstanding in your field, Think BIG!” Great advice from the pumpkin and YOU! Thank-you!

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