All is Calm

All is Calm – Snowy Winter Watercolor in Blue – 11×14

All is Calm.

We have just begun experiencing frosty mornings
and the flurry and dusting of snowflakes here and there.

It is well past due in our little corner of the world,
and I always look forward to it.

I am dreaming of the beauty of snowy, moonlit winter evenings
curled up with a warm, fuzzy blanket and a crackling fire

When all is calm,
and all is bright.

So I painted this scene in watercolor,
and it takes me to that place and that feeling.

The gift of creating.
The joy of art.

Cheers & Hugs,

P.S  This painting, like most all of my paintings, is available in our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop as an original or in prints sized 11×14, 8×10, or 5×7 as well as boxed greeting cards.  It will also be going with me to the Mars Craft Show on Saturday, November 17th!





62 thoughts on “All is Calm

  1. Beautiful poem and water colour, Jodi! I noticed that you made cards out of your painting, which will make ideal Christmas cards. After the leaves have fallen and the earth looks bare, a dusting of snow is also welcome in our region too. Have a great Sunday, Jodi!

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  2. Jodi…this is lovely! I can tell that you enjoy what you are doing. That’s what
    it is all about. I know you have learned a lot from tutorials. I found one that
    I really like. It’s called “The Mind of Watercolor” with Steve Mitchell. He a
    hoot. Check it out. Lois

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    • Thanks so much Lois! Yes – I have seen a few of Steve’s Youtube tutorials. They are fun! I’ve been so busy lately – I haven’t had much time to watch tutorials, but I sure do enjoy! I’ve learned so much from the “University of YouTube!” 🙂

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  3. In need of this calm. Lovely scene, makes a fabulous card. Wishing you well next week we attended Holiday in the Pines a yearly event locally. I went out of my way to find gifts for Christmas by our local artist. I hope your community feels the same way. You have a lot of lovely things hope you take photos. Wish we had your snow to put out our California fires. Thanks for the sending me Calm today.

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  4. Your painting captured the beauty of Winter perfectly! (And believe me, acknowledging the beauty of winter is something that is hard for me to do at this point, since it’s very cold here and our furnace has been broken for two days now as we wait on a replacement part.) Thanks for reminding me that there is a lot to enjoy in this time of the year!

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