Getting Ready

Bunny’s First Woodland Christmas Watercolor – 11×14

Getting Ready.

My DIL and “biz partner,” Colleen, and I have been busy getting ready for an event this coming weekend for McKinneyX2Designs – the Mars Craft Show.

For those of you not from Mars :), it’s really a bigger event than you can imagine, and we are fortunate to be a part of it!

Colleen is been busy making these adorable little trees and festive holiday signs.

While I’ve been busy painting

Dancing Penguin Watercolor 11×14

and printing

and folding

and boxing.

We are excited to share our joy!  The Mars Craft Show features hundreds of local artisans spread out between the Mars Middle School and Mars High School (where you can find us – in the Auxilliary Gym).  A shuttle bus runs all day between the two buildings between 10am and 4pm on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

In addition to this event, we have two special birthdays coming up for a Pap Pap and granddaughter who share the same birthday.  I also have a short overnight business trip this week, so a lot going on.

I’m going to take a few days off from blogging, so if you don’t hear from me, know I am just busy and having fun and will be back soon.

If you like what you see here and are local, we hope you will visit us at the Mars Craft Show or Christmas in the Woods at Berry Vine Gifts this weekend.  If you are not local, please visit our Etsy shop or our website for more information.

Back to getting ready!

Cheers & Hugs,

49 thoughts on “Getting Ready

    • Hi Alissa. My DIL has not had a chance to add a photo for it to Etsy yet but you can purchase through this custom order link if you like and snag it. We can’t keep this one in the shop. Always sells quickly. I have one myself in my home. Very fave! ☺️😉.


    • So excited for you to get it Alissa! I saw your order come through. I know you will love it. Everything Colleen makes is done so beautifully and with her full heart! ENJOY! 🙂


  1. Wow! I love the rabbits first Christmas. You can see the wonderment in his face. You are amazingly talented. Your work should be on Hallmark cards and sold worldwide. The pictures are a story in themselves, full of emotion and love. You should develop a Christmas story revolving around the rabbit andmake a children’s book for your grandkids, with your art and writing. God has truly blessed you. 😎

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  2. Oh how fun today ! Got the pleasure of your Christmas tree & rabbit then all the treasures your DaughterNLaw made then, a cute penguin & all the previous cuties. Best of luck for good weather & a big turn out.

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  3. Oh Jodi, everything for your sale looks so fabulous! I know you and Colleen will sell a ton! I LOVE LOVE your new watercolors, so cute, especially the penguin! I don’t know how you’ve managed to get all those prints and cards ready, wow, super woman! Good luck!!

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