Liz the Lizard

Liz the Lizard Watercolor – 11×14

Liz the Lizard.

Have you heard of the lizard whose name is Liz.
Classiest lizard in the desert she is.

With pearls and diamonds and sparkly pink nails
She daydreams often of being in show biz.

She practices rhymes and humorous lines
as if she was preparing for an audition or pop quiz.

Nailing them every time – she surely is a wiz.
She’s a modern-day lizard, so be sure to call her Ms.

Yes indeed, Ms. Liz
that is.

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Liz the Lizard was made especially for a friend’s grandaughter, who loves Klaus the Mouse – my very first published illustrated children’s book.  Granpap asked if I could make an Alex the Alligator and a Liz the Lizard for his two special little grandies.  I hope they all enjoy these two characters as much as I enjoyed creating them.

49 thoughts on “Liz the Lizard

  1. This is so funny, I’m no match for such a classy Liz! Love the candy-stripe tongue. Liz is really gorgeous. Can I introduce her on my blog using your pic? Sending warmest Christmas wishes your way. Love and hugs, Liz in New Zealand 🙂

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      • Thank you Jodi! Within the last 10 yrs or so we did two trips to the UK and stopped over for three nights, both ways, in LA. We arranged our own accommodation in residential areas. We had such a wonderful time, exploring all over the place (doing lots of walking). We were blown away by everything we saw and experienced, it was truly amazing and wonderful (except the airport with officious, bossy staff). Long time ago, Nigel spent 3 months cycling in Alaska!

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      • Awesome. I can’t say LA represents appropriately all of US, but it is a fun place. Lol. Quite opulent. Alaska. We’ve been there. So lovely. US Is so diverse. I hear such wonderful things about New Zealand


  2. Jodi, I’m visioning the start of a new book. How cute Ms Liz is! She may need some more glamour Accessories in the future. Bet you made “Gama” little grandson happy, even if she is a girl. She is going to need some other playmates in the future. Oh My!

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  4. I’m sure they will enjoy them very much! I can’t wait until my grandson is old enough for me to read Klaus the Mouse to him. (Right now, he tends to chew on his books so he can’t have the paper ones yet.) You do wonderful critters!

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  5. Benjamin says : “Namaste, My Jodi!” while in the proper posture…too cute! He has been greeting me with this each morning and upon leaving each afternoon, he has taken this very seriously. On the divine Liz the Lizard, Benjamin says : “Liz is a classy lady lizard and beautiful too! Two thumbs up for My Jodi!” I asked him what does he think classy means, he said : “Classy means just like Mommy.” High praise indeed! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Where has Benjamin learned this sweet greeting? 🙂 Thank you sweet buddy! Namaste, My Benjamin! YOU are a classy young man 🙂 Just like your Mommy! And your Gem! Love to you both!


      • Benjamin first heard Namaste from his Uncle (my Son), who has been into Yoga for many many years and always encouraged me to be open to it as well. I never gave it any serious consideration, until recently. As I’ve aged into my 7th decade, I’ve noticed an increasing lack in agility and lower body strength. I explored methods to combat this problem and kept reading about the benefits of Yoga for all ages. My Yoga for Seniors classes on Tues. and Thurs. are my little secret…shhh! My first class was Dec. 4th and I want to allow ample time to immerse myself before telling my children. I’m not as good as I hope to be, but not as bad as I thought I’d be. The only clue that I have given is my use of “Namaste”, no one but Benjamin has questioned it. His Mommy thinks I taught him to please his Uncle and I have not said otherwise. Benjamin loves it and shows everyone. My Yogini has said that while Namaste translates simply to “I bow to you”, she likes to translate it as “We are the same, we are one.” I love that translation and that is my thought when I say : “Namaste”! P.S. I came back earlier for Benjamin to revisit with Ms. Liz and saw your question. My propensity for loquacity took over, when I simply could have answered : “ME!”

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      • I ADORE your “propensity for loquacity!” Your notes always always always brighten my day! And I will be sure to keep your secret!! I completely admire you for doing it. Keep me posted. I should probably try as well. My one daughter in law loves it, but I do not have a “yoga” body – if you know what I mean – lol! I know there are those who will say there is not such thing – and I am trying to accept this about me – coming better with age 🙂


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